Long Term Care Privacy Curtains


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Chateau 100%FireRetardantPolyester 72”Wide

Auburn Buf Chestnut Copen Cork Dune Fern

Malt Mesa Mocha Mos Nutmeg Palm


Pine Rafia Raisin

Rust Spruce Steel

NewShadowCube 100%FireRetardantPolyester 72”Wide

BlueMoon Buf Chablis Chestnut Delft Natural Nutmeg

Oatmeal Palm Penny Rafia

Spa Taupe Wilow

OurResidentChoicelineofsolidcolorcubiclefabricsisavailableincontemporarycolorsandwoven paterndetail.Withalargecolorpaletandabudgetmindedcost,Resident’sChoiceistheperfec choiceforyourfacility’snextcubiclereplacementproject.

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Parquet 100%FireRetardantPolyester 72”Wide

Chestnut Copen Cork Dune

Gul Heather Kale


Malt Marsh Mocha Mos

Pearl Sand


Xanadu 52%ReprevePost-ConsumerPolyester,48%Polyester VISAFinishwithSoilReleaseandAntimicrobialProperties 72”Wide

Buf Caramel Chestnut Coastal Cookie Godiva Natural

Oatmeal Orchid Shadow Taupe Trail

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Privacy curtains thatare clean,easily changed,and alwaysthe perfectfitare now within reach.

Ourpaneldesign and snap system worktogetherto reduce the time, hassle, and risk related to changing privacy curtains. Simply unsnap and remove soiled panels for processing and replace with fresh panels.No ladders!No misfits!No problem!

With oursnap panelsystem,healthcare facilitiesnow have an efficient and cost effective method to laundertheirprivacy curtainson a regularbasis.


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