“But Mum, I’m not feeling...” “There’s no such thing that you’re not feeling hungry. Do not even consider taking a step without having breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day, darling.” After scratching her eyes, she went to the bathroom sulkily. After washing her face and hands, she sat at the table and had her breakfast. Her mother allowed her to go out after breakfast. But she reminded her firmly: “Don’t go far. When I call you, you should be near enough to hear my call.” “Sure mum, I will.” Replied Giddy up, the Seahorse.

She left home leisurely and a seaweed passed by at the same time. “Wow! Are you a seahorse?” asked the seaweed. Giddy up, the Seahorse turned and looked at him: “Yes, that’s right.” Seaweed started to laugh: “They told me but, I didn’t believe that.” “What did they tell you? What is it that you didn’t believe?” “They said that seahorses swim upright and you can’t move your head from right to left but up and down. It’s awful!” Giddy up, the Seahorse was worried, what was awful? Yes, she couldn’t move her head right to left but moved it up and down. That’s how seahorses are created, what was awful about it she thought yet couldn’t help being worried. Seaweed carried on: “When there is a danger at the back, on the right or the left, how do you see it and save yourselves? I am really curious about it.”


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