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PETA Closing Cruel Labs Since 1980

W ith your help, it’s happening. It all started with Billy. When PETA discovered him, the gentle little monkey was trying desperately to eat food pellets thrown into his filthy cage before they fell through the wire flooring. This was a matter of survival, because nerves in his spine had been cut, paralyzing his arms. He had to push himself on his elbows and try to grab the pellets with his teeth before they were lost forever. Billy was just one of 17 monkeys abused in crude experiments and kept in the nightmarish Institute for Behavioral Research, a federally funded laboratory in Silver Spring, Maryland. This was PETA’s first eyewitness investigation, and it led to many other firsts – the first search-and-seizure warrant served on a US laboratory, the first confiscation of animals from a laboratory, the first cruelty conviction of an experimenter, and the first case involving animals in laboratories to be considered by the US Supreme

global industry of non-animal research methods, persuaded governments and corporations around the world to end various animal-test requirements, closed laboratories, and held experimenters accountable. This has spared tens of millions of animals from horrific suffering. Experiments on animals are cruel and misleading, and they must end. Mice, rabbits, monkeys, pigs, horses, and other animals

no control over any aspect of their lives – they live in fear and are denied everything that could bring them joy or comfort. Studies show that even hearing the doorknob on the laboratory door turn makes their hearts race and their blood pressure rise. Animals are individuals. They have the right to live their own lives. Read on to learn more about PETA’s compelling work to end vivisection and how you can play a vital role.

aren’t “tools” to be caged, burned, poisoned, starved, and mutilated. In laboratories, they have

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Court. It shocked people around the world. As PETA’s iconic poster of a screaming, terrified monkey strapped into a crude restraint chair from that very lab proclaimed, “THIS IS VIVISECTION. DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENT.” It ignited a movement.

P U T T I N G V I V I S E C T I O N U N D E R T H E M I C R O S C O P E Sniff out the truth on page 6 J

PETA shut that laboratory down and, since then, has exposed cruelty in many laboratories, sparked the development of the now-thriving

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