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Volume 32 Number 4


Even if you feel you don’t embrace a particular decor style in your home, you’ll likely still recognize some of the features in the following sampling of style categories. Maybe you’re a bit of style A and a bit of style B. Knowing what to call your own personal style will help you communicate with others about what you like and don’t like, as well as provide further inspiration for honing your home’s aesthetic in the future: Bohemian. If you like bright colours, wild fabrics and whimsically mismatched throw pillows, you’re likely “Boho.” Add in a battered guitar and a few empty picture frames and you’re ready to hang out with artists and

musicians – or maybe you are one yourself. Industrial . Instead of hiding a home’s structural, electrical and mechanical elements, you believe they should be showcased just as much as a beautiful piece of furniture. Think exposed brick walls, open joist ceilings and visible ductwork – all against a neutral palette. Traditional . Reflects your keen eye and attention to authentic details. While the art of symmetry reigns, you may enjoy setting a piece of furniture at an interesting angle to add visual interest. You love claw foot tubs, wing- back chairs and handcrafted wood moulding.

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