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DIYWINECORKSUCCULENTMAGNETS Add a little greenery to your fridge with these adorable wine cork succulent magnets. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Wine corks Drill with size 5/16 bit Wrench Craft paint (optional) HOW TO CREATE: 1. Hold the wine cork with the wrench and drill a hole in the center of the cork. 2. Next, block off the top of the cork with painter’s tape to give a dipped-paint look.

If you’d like a more natural look, skip this step and don’t paint the corks at all. 3. Use the hot glue gun to glue two to three magnets on the side of the cork. 4. Add your soil and succulent and display on a magnetic surface.

Paint brushes (optional) Painter’s tape (optional) Hot glue gun Magnets (1/4 inch) Soil Small succulent pieces

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THREE INSPIRING INTERNATIONALDESIGNERS These three acclaimed designers provide us with inspiration – on an international stage. Philippe Stark: A legend of modern design, France’s Philippe Stark is known for his work on luxury hotels and his imaginative reworking of everyday objects. Kelly Hoppen: South African designer Kelly Hoppen appeared on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den from 2013 to 2015, but is also well known for her neutral palettes and her work with celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham. Marcel Wanders: Dutch designer Marcel Wanders became internationally known in 1996 with his Knotted Chair, which combines high tech materials with low-tech production methods. Along with a multi-disciplinary team, he has worked on nearly two thousand products and interior design projects.


Fill in the locations of the missing letters of the alphabet using the directions. When you have completed the grid, see if you can discover the hidden city, country, river or mountain. Note: North or south means any location along the same column. East or west means any location along the same row.

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