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October 2016


Issue II

North drama club members set to Dismember

The results of a school-wide survey pertaining to student satisfaction with Appleton North show that the majority of students have a positive view of the school and the people in it. The survey was conducted in November 2015. 891 male and female students repre- senting all four grade levels participated in the survey, titled “How I Feel About My School,” which was sent as a Google Form to all students in the building. Participants in the survey were asked to strongly agree, agree, dis- agree or strongly disagree with six statements relating to Appleton North, such as “I am treated with respect by other students at my school” and “I like my school.” The responses to all six state- ments were strongly posi- tive, with students agreeing or strongly agreeing with each statement between North’s Drama Club will be- gin preparing for “A Night to Dismember XVII.” “A Night to Dismember” is a haunted house that is put on each year by over 100 students from North’s theatre department. The event is one of the ¿ rst functions put on by the Drama Club and serves as a fundraiser for future productions as well as a chance for new and old members alike to get involved. “The haunted house is a very good opportunity to get involved and meet people in Drama Club,” said Tyler Ske- nandore, a junior and second- year member of the Appleton North theatre program. “When I transferred [from Seymour] last year, it helped me meet so By Erik Bakken People from all over the Fox Cities will come to Appleton North at the end of the month for spooks, scares, and frights. This month, Appleton Theater department prepares for annual haunted house By Ally Price

were primarily positive across all statements, up- wards of 100 surveyed stu- dents responded negatively to statements such as “There is at least one adult in this school that I can talk to if I have a problem” and “I am treated with respect by oth- er students at my school.” Even though this portion of responders are in the minor- ity, administration plans to continue to monitor student satisfaction at North in order to examine trends of how stu- dents feel about their school. 93.2% of students feel that they are treated with respect by adults at Appleton North, and 86.1% feel respected by other students. safe for all ages because of the À ashlight tours available.” There are many different ways that Drama Club stu- dents get involved with the haunted house. Each member is required to put in six hours of tech work, which can in- clude building sets, doing the actors’ makeup, setting up the sound system, and prepar- ing the rooms. On top of this, any student who put in their six hours can be characters in the rooms, which change every year but generally in- clude creatures like zombies, clowns, and weeping angels. “The haunted house is a great experience that allows strang- ers and friends alike to par- ticipate in a unique experience that you can’t ¿ nd anywhere else,” said Drama Club mem- ber Oscar Brautigam, a senior at Appleton North. Because of the amount of time put in, most students involved tend to ¿ nd that the experience helps them grow closer to other members of the theatre department. Related article Culture: The return of One and and ‘A Night to Dismember’, page 9

Appleton North Drama Club members Libby Kapocius, Sophie Plzak, and Ali Basham are seen participating in last year’s haunted house. Photo by Catherine McKenzie

many more people.” This year’s haunted house will take place in the after- noon and evening of Oct. 28 and 29. Each year, the house consists of 15 or so different rooms. They are set up by stu- dents starting a week before they open. Guests start off in the auditorium then are able to walk through the rooms,

Survey, offered to freshmen and juniors each year, the survey sought to provide data about whether students were forming positive connections with peers and with adults at North. The administration at North views the survey as a positive baseline for students’ satisfac- tion with their school, and at- tributes the positive results to “A Night to Dismember” can provide many scares to those looking for a frightful evening, but the event also offers more family-friendly options and options for the faint-of-heart. Flashlight tours are available for people who are still interested in walking through the haunted house but not wanting to experience all which go through the south side of the school and stop in places like the commons, stage, scene shop, green room, and music hallway.

a number of changes that have taken place in the building over the past years, including the introduction of freshmen teams. “Freshmen teams have helped to encourage freshmen to have a positive experience at North, since teams help freshmen get to know each other and to develop positive relationships with their core teachers,” said Mr. Huggins, principal at Appleton North. The high participation in the survey can be attributed to more recent changes such as the addition of IE time to the daily schedule and the introduction of Chrome- books. “Allotting time in IE for students to take the sur- vey de ¿ nitely increased the amount of responses that we received,” Mr. Huggins said. “Also, because the survey was formatted as a Google Form that went out to all stu- dents’ Chromebooks, it was very accessible.” Although survey results of the jump-scares involved. Additionally, there will be other activities in the com- mons such as a mini in À atable haunted house for children, games, and a bake sale. All proceeds from these go di- rectly to the theatre program and help to fund other theatre productions like One Act, the musical, and the straight show. “You should go to the North haunted house to support the theatre department and have a good time with friends and family,” said Skenandore. “It’s

Tickets are available at the door, and are $7 per person and $5 per person for children under the age of 12 or groups of more than 10 people.

School-wide survey shows overall satisfaction with Appleton North

84.9% and 93.2% of the time. Students responded most pos- itively to the statements of “I am treated with respect by adults at my school,” “I like my school,” and “I feel like I belong at my school.” The survey was offered across the district in order to assess student satisfaction with individual schools. Much like the Youth Risk Behavior

Survey results show that about 90% of students say they like Appleton North. Graphic by Ally Price

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