GRAC Packet 021915

ILLINOIS ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS GOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS & ADVOCACY COMMITTEE Thursday, February 19, 2015 – 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. President Abraham Lincoln Hotel, Salon C Springfield, Illinois AGENDA

I. CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 MEETING (Pages 1-4) III. FORMULATION OF THE 2015 SPRING LEGISLATIVE PROGRAM A. IASA Legislative Program for 2015 (Page 5) IV. DISCUSSION ON HOT TOPICS A. Vision 20/20 legislation (to be distributed) B. Budget Issues 1. ISBE’s FY 16 Budget request (Pages 6-60) 2. ISBE Weekly Message (Pages 61-62) C. Education Funding Reform 1. SB 1 (Pages 63-72) 2. Vision 20/20 – Adequacy Model Language (Draft) (Pages 73-76) D. Pension Update E. KIDS Assessment

1. DuPage and Lake County concerns regarding KIDS assessment (Page 77-85) F. Educator Equity Plan (Presentation by Jason Helfer, ISBE Assistant Superintendent - Educator Effectiveness) (Pages 86-90) V. LEGISLATIVE ISSUES FROM THE REGION VI. HOT BILLS LIST (to be distributed) VII. OTHER BUSINESS A. IPAC and APAC (Pages 91-93) B. IASA Legislative Activities Calendar (Pages 94-95) C. Illinois House and Senate Calendar (Page 96-97) VIII. FUTURE MEETINGS A. There are no meetings scheduled through June 30, 2015. IX. ADJOURNMENT

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