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issue 4: april 2015

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Michael Harrison (f, 1955-1960) i learnt my sailing whilst at teddies in the 1950s – taught by a friend of mine, Keith Beaver (f, 1955-1960), who kept his GP14 on the river at the teddies ‘sailing club’, just upstream from the trout. of relevance to this magazine is my sVoD (seaview one Design dinghy) – old rhubarb. one of the characteristics of the sVoD class is that whilst every boat has to be identical, the colour scheme of the sails is completely optional – making for a very colourful sight on the water. it is also how my dinghy came to be christened old rhubarb – the colours of which make great-looking sails!

an opportunity not to be missed. over several days many ‘races’ were held in the magical setting of sydney Harbour – in front of the opera House, under the bridge and out to the Heads – where the ocean swell made our little dinghies feel very small! it seems that all the dinghies and yachts in sydney harbour have white sails - so the unusual sight of all ‘those strange little Pommy boats with colourful sails’ attracted so much attention that the fleet and old rhubarb appeared in the local press and on australian tV!!

a few years back a small group of seaview yacht club members decided to hold a sVoD regatta in Kiel, Germany. emboldened by the success of this, it was decided to hold the next overseas regatta a bit further from home – so why not in sydney, australia? the base for the regatta was to be rushcutter bay, home to the sydney olympics sailing competition. by chance at that time one of my sons ( Peter Harrison , f, 1983-1988) was working in australia and his apartment overlooked rushcutter bay – so for me this was

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