Electricity + Control March 2015


Complete solution of quality circuit breakers for all installations

Easy installation - wire, busbar & quick connect

47CVX Range: an elegant and modern designed distribution board range.

Unique identification tag

A full MCB solution from Gewiss: the 1st company to develop the Compact Miniature Circuit Breaker occupying only 50% of the space but still providing 100% of the protection. The innovative 90 MCB range boasts a breaking capacity from 4,5 to 25kA with nominal currents from 1A to 125A all offered in a DIN rail MCB, with SABS Certification on all ranges. Residual-current devices are available, addressing all IEC required sensitivity ratings, from 10mA to 500mA combining overloads and short circuit protection. The offer is completed by a full range of Isolators, Auxiliaries and all din rail accessories to address any requirement. These components are all complimented by a superior GEWISS Range of modern and sophisticated distribution boards. A truly world class Italian designed solution offering.

Electromagnetic coils for instantaneous tripping

A silver, movable copper contact to reduce dissipation Dual DIN clips to ensure greater installation flexibility Arc chute chamber with 14 dejon splitter plates to reduce specific power

Double connection inlets for wiring with wire or lugs

Sliding plastic insulation sheath for the prevention of loose connections


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