In Summery The Artisan Food Club has 3 very experienced and passionate people at the helm. We are so much more than a sales company running a drop shipping wholesaling business and we want to see your company grow. If you want to just use us to sell your products no problem. Should you need help in other aspects of your company please ask and we will see how we can help. A chat for 10 min on the phone is no problem and we are all happy to help. If you would like a sit down meeting to discuss bigger issues like your company growth, margins or challenges you are facing, please ask and we can arrange a more formal meeting to a mutually agreed budget. The Food Club up is set up with fairness and ethics at it's heart, so no one makes any money until something is sold, there's no joining fee, no cost to be in the brochure and so on. We operate by asking for a % of the invoice once we sell something for you. I see producers time and time again paying people or companies to do non sales related jobs and then regretting it later. There is no job in your company more important than sales and someone has to do it every day :-)

The Artisan Food Club is here to help you grow your food company. We like to help with sales we make but remember we have much more to add to your future successes.

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