Renter Packet 2017-2018

E. Guidelines for Children & Junior Golfers  

1. The Club idenƟfies a "Junior Golfer" as any dependent of a member under the age of 16 with  an accredited handicap. 

2. Junior golfers must follow proper golf course eƟqueƩe and dress codes at all Ɵmes. 

3. No Junior under the age of 16 may operate an electric cart for any reason (no excepƟons). 

4. Only two sets of clubs and only two people are allowed on a cart at any Ɵme. Juniors who  walk must carry their bag. No pull carts are allowed at any Ɵme.  Two players may not play  out of the same bag.  5. Juniors may make tee Ɵmes for any Ɵme aŌer 1:00 p.m. during the off season months (May‐ October) and 2:30 p.m. during seasonal months (November‐April). Tee Ɵmes before 1:00 p.m.  must be approved by the Director of Golf. 

6. Juniors accompanied by an adult may play at any Ɵme. 

7. Juniors playing with an adult must ride. The only excepƟon would be if an adult were playing  with two or more Juniors; therefore allowing only the adult to drive, one Junior to ride and  the addiƟonal Juniors may walk.  

Lightning Policy FiddlesƟcks is equipped with a course sound alert warning system. If the system detects a lightning  strike within seven (7) miles, a fiŌeen (15) second conƟnuous blast horn will sound to signal you to  take appropriate precauƟons for your own personal safety. When there has not been a lightning  strike within seven (7) miles for fiŌeen (15) minutes, the horn will sound with three (3) five (5)  second blasts and you may proceed to where you disconƟnued play. The decision to ignore the  course alert may put you and your group in greater danger and conƟnued play is discouraged.  UlƟmately, it is your decision and play is at your own risk at all Ɵmes. 

For a copy of the Rules and Regulations in their entirety, please visit our website or contact Sarah Martini‐Ricci at 239‐210‐2775.

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