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August 2, 2017

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STRAWBERRY LAKE- LAKE OR MINE PIT? Strawberry Lake was created by an old mine pit stemming from the Aragon mine. The area began sinking in 1938 and filled with water around the time of the closing of the Aragon mine some time after WWII. The body of water is not owned by City of Norway. However, local historians Jim Stanek and Tom Mroz indicated that the City does still pump water out of it via mine shaft #5 and into what is known as White Creek. Mine Shaft # 2 is believed to be collapsed under water on the north side of the lake. Fishing rules for Strawberry Lake fall under Michigan Department of Natural Resources fishing guidelines for public waterways. foremost, citizens should be warned to stay clear of the water and are cautioned not to swim in it. Dickinson/Iron Health Department indicated that fecal coliform present in all bodies of water increase after heavy rains and increased water levels, and especially because of run-off. “Fecal coliform is a bigger problem in stagnant water and those inhabited by geese and ducks.” said a local health department official. Bacteria can enter into the body through small cuts and scratches. Water testing of local streams and waters are not routinely done said this spokesperson from the Health Department. Testing these areas would be difficult because water levels and bacteria levels can vary from day to day. Residents are reminded to stay out of all waters, including swimming pools and hot tubs if you have open wounds, cuts, or sores. Children are advised to swim at lakes with actual swimming beaches. Parents are encouraged to remind your children not to swim at Strawberry Lake. Possible strong undercurrents and the fact that this is a mine pit makes this water body dangerous and unpredictable. Extra care should be exercised around all bodies of water due to the recent high volume of rain received. Site of Strawberry Lake Prior to cave in of 1938. Recent reports of a youngster getting a lymphatic bacterial infection from swimming in the lake has caused some concern for area residents. First and


Daniel Howorth teen son of Andrea and David Howorth of Norway went through an ordeal that most parents never worry about. He developed an infection as a result of swimming in Strawberry Lake on July 26. This type of infection is more common than people realize. This is what Andrea had to say about the incident: “A few days ago my son and a group of buddies got together to go fishing at Strawberry Lake. No big deal as this is their main pass time in the summer. My son (age 15) and several friends decided because it was so hot to take a dip. This dip has landed him in the hospital with a very serious lymphatic bacterial infection. He will be there a couple of days. Please warn your kids and others of the dangers of swimming there. There is a reason there is no beach.” said Andrea Howorth. Daniel was sent home from the hospital with a strong dose of antibiotics. Sources revealed that because the antibiotics were so strong and making Daniel very ill, he was re-admitted to the hospital on July 28 for IV antibiotics. It

was later learned that Daniel was having an allergic reaction to the oral dose of medicines, but was discharged the same day. City Officials have stated that there are approximately 11 bodies of water located in and around the City that the city has no jurisdiction over. Public bodies of water are governed by the State of Michigan. Public waterways include: Strawberry Lake, White Creek, Lake Mary, Lake View, Arrow Head Lake, Hanbury Lake, Pine Creek,The Myre, Sturgeon River and the Menominee River and Piers Gorge. None of these waterways have swimming regulations posted. It is assumed that all waterways are navigated at your own risk. The state does not post signs heeding any

Daniel Howorth, age 15 son of Andrea and David Howorth

type of warnings. These waters are not routinely tested for bacterias. According to the Dickinson/Iron Health Department water bodies with public beaches are not tested for bacterias or water quality because the cost is prohibitive. Public beaches are tested only when requested. For additional photos of Strawberry Lake see page 2

Daniel Howorth -Infection caused from a bacteria entering a cut on his toe

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