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W hAT IS A S EnIOR C ARE A DvISOR ? results, pricing, and unique offerings. Many Care Advisors are also certified through the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. This certification requires passing a test on common issues facing seniors such as insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, com- mon medical conditions, and social and financial challenges. The certification also requires significant continuing education cred- its, compliance with a code of ethics in working with seniors and a comprehen- sive background check. Other advisors have creden- tials such as degrees in nursing, social work or physical therapy. How does it Work? When you meet with a Senior Care Advisor, they will take the time to under- stand your situation; ask you questions about the elders’ care needs and pref- erences, their budget, and their goals, their interests, and concerns. With this valuable information, the advisor is then able to make

hen it comes to under- standing senior housing, many families don’t know where to turn. One great option is to partner with a local Senior Care Advisor. While they all offer a similar service, each Senior Care Advisor will do things a little bit different. here are some things you need to know before you start working with a Senior Care Advisor. What is a Senior care advisor? Senior Care Advisors are pro- fessionals who help seniors, and their families navigate the daunting, and often-over- whelming task of finding appropriate and affordable senior care and living options. A skilled Senior Care Advisor brings confidence and peace of mind to families who are unsure of where to start their eldercare journey. Depending upon the organization, the services for the help of a Senior Care Advisor are often paid for by the assisted liv- ings and home care agencies, making it a no-cost service to the senior or their family. Partnering with a Senior Care Advisor is often an ideal first step in exploring options. They are experts with the communities and services they work with. The Senior Care Advisor will provide you with information about a senior living community’s care capability, state survey

appropriate and personalized recommendations for care and housing that is specific to the individual's needs. Some Senior Care Advisors will even tour and interview care facilities alongside the family, making sure that they are asking the right questions and getting the critical infor- mation that they need to make the best decision for the elder. Senior Care Advisors also connect families with other relevant local resources such as home care providers, spe- cialized Elder Law Attorneys, Financial Advisors, veterans & Elder Care Benefits, Moving/downsizing Services, or any other resources that would be helpful. Families benefit from a team of advi- sors that are operating in the Seniors best interest. Let a Senior Care Advisor help lead the way. Whether you are planning, or you need help with senior housing today, partnering with a credible Senior Care Advisor will relieve the stress, fear, and uncertainty in the decision-making process. Article submitted by Michelle Graf, Owner of CarePatrol of the Fox Cities. Michelle also has

earned an MBA and is a Certified Senior Advisor ®

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