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A DuLT D Ay S ERvICES opportunities and hands-on opportunities within program- ming. With the option of various services, there is programming appropriate for wherever an indi- vidual might be within their life, disease process, and/or disability journey. • Emotional and Psycho-social: Jane E. Brody in her article ‘The Surprising Effects of Loneliness on Health,’ and The New York Times’s department The Upshot last December, Dr. Dhruv Khullar, found evidence that social isola- tion can disrupt sleep, cause abnormal immune responses and accelerated cognitive decline, and that loneliness raises stress hor- mones and inflammation which can increase the risk for heart disease, suicide attempts, arthri- tis, and Type 2 diabetes. Adult Day Centers offer social engage- ment opportunities and allow individuals to get out of the home, avoiding social isolation and therefore increasing overall health. Not only do Adult Day Services benefit the program member emotionally, but family and caregivers as well. Additionally, operating normal business hours, 5 days a week and sometimes weekends, family members are able to receive respite. • Environmental: Programming offers the ability to get outside and be hands on with nature. One’s environment is supportive and structured, based off individ- ual need and perception. This

dult Day Services offer a safe and supervised community based set- ting for those with or without disabili- ties while embracing all aspects of Healthy Aging, a current movement which focuses on maintaining several aspects of a person’s wellbeing, which will be discussed in the following paragraphs. By using an individual- ized approach and plan, which incor- porates these healthy aging aspects, services can assist in maintaining an individual’s personhood and provide purpose. Adult Day Services prides itself on the embodiment of these aspects of healthy aging: • Physical: Physical activity such as walks, stretches, chair yoga, danc- ing, and exercise are part of a nor- mal program routine as well as preventative educational speakers. These activities have brought improvement in cognition, balance and stamina, and prevent cardio- vascular disease and diabetes. Depending on one’s physicality, personal cares, health screening and monitoring, therapy and reha- bilitative services may be included within his/her care plan. If accessi- bility to the center is an issue, indi- viduals can look into the Adult Day Center’s transportation services. • Nutritional: Adult Day Services offer snacks throughout the day and often a nutritional meal. • Cognitive, Intellectual and Occupational: Centers offer various program options apart from social programming, ranging from cogni- tive stimulation programs, memory training programs, and educational programs for work and indepen- dent living skills. Social programs will also offer cognitive stimulating activities and build on the skills of individuals through reminisce

environment fosters safety balanced among other physical attributes and fosters exploration. • Spiritual: Though often broad, there are centers that offer reli- gious-based activities within pro- gramming. • Financial: Adult Day Services are considerably more affordable ($61/day) than nursing homes ($225/day), assisted livings ($119/day), or in-home care ($164-$220/day). Many Adult Day Services also offer funding and subsidized costs to make these fees even more affordable. Family mem- bers are also able to continue to work and nursing home placement is delayed. The Chair of the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council states that since 2011, the first wave of the baby boomer gener- ation over the age of 65 has reached 46 million and is projected to reach 74 million by 2030. Americans 65 years old today, can also expect to live an additional 19 years, and wish to remain independent within their homes as they age. In order for indi- viduals to be successful with their goals of independence, these aspects of healthy aging are crucial. Adult Day Services fills both of these needs with its structured and social envi- ronment while embracing all aspects of Healthy aging. Submitted by Curative Connections. Curative Connections is an Adult Day Center that offers a wide range of programming, pro- viding overall wellness.

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