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ing for older adults. Supportive living programs come in all shapes and sizes. The environ- ment may be a house that has been renovated to provide per- sonal care for a small number of people or a newly constructed building with private apartments for a large number of residents. Some facilities furnish all but the residents clothing whereas others have the resident fully furnish the apartment and even offer the opportunity for customized deco- rating. CBRF’s are identified by licen- sure level or class. These licen- sure levels are listed at the end of this article. The licensure level determines the type of residents that may reside in the facility. Critical to those exploring CBRF options is the ability of the pro- continued on page 32


ommunity Based Residential Care Facilities (CBRF’s) are State Licensed group homes for five or more unrelated adults. CBRF’s provide assisted living and health care services above normal room and board such as assis- tance with bathing, dressing, toi- leting, mobility, nutrition, med- ications, health monitoring, safe- ty and security, socialization and companionship in an environ- ment that promotes and enhances independence. Assisted living services may be provided up to 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Skilled nursing care (nursing procedures that legally may only be done by a registered or licensed nurse) may be done 3 hours per week. For residents requiring more than 3 hours per week of skilled nurs-

ing care, the Department of health and Family Services may be contacted to grant an exemption. The philosophy of a CBRF is to provide a home- like environment and to keep each resident as dignified and independent as possible, while maintaining a feeling of safety and security. CBRF's provide an innova- tive approach to residential liv-

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