F B I N AT I ON A L A C A D E M Y A S S O C I AT E S , I N C .


a non-profit organization that facilitates the continued mission that was developed while attending the National Academy. The Associates are divided into four sections across the United States with a total of 44 chapters within the sections. There are four chapters outside the United States representing Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, and Africa/Middle East. Each of the chapters have an organizational structure and each chapter conducts educational and social networking opportu- nities throughout the year. Each of the four sections hold yearly meetings to address mission, goals, objectives, and enhance- ments to the Association. The below map will give you an idea of how the Association is organized. The current membership of the FBINAA is at 16,000+ active members worldwide.

Attendees to the National Academy are primarily all state, county, and municipal law enforcement executives that play key decision-making roles within their individual organizations. The academy is not exclusive to just U.S. law enforcement. In 1937, the first international police organization was represent- ed – the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Today, each class is comprised of about 20 representatives from foreign countries. Each National Academy session consists of 265 attendees and the academy conducts four session a year; all held at the FBI training facility in Quantico, Virginia. This training program is considered elite and has a very competitive selection process. The FBI National Academy Associates was formed as a means for these executives to continue training and networking regionally. First as individual chapters, the association is now

ACTIVE SWORN LAW ENFORCEMENT: 58% RETIRED LAW ENFORCEMENT: 35% ** INTERNATIONAL: 5% FEDERAL: 2% **Many retired L.E. are now in private industry as executives/consultants.

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