WEBINAR SERIES / PODCAST SERIES / LEADERSHIP FORUMS As a part of the strategic alliance, you will have an opportunity to participate in these forums that provide valuable information to our membership concerning current issues influencing law enforcement, leadership concepts, and discus- sions pertaining to technologies and services that enhance law enforcement’s ability to provide efficient services to their communities.


MEDIA AND ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES FBINAA media efforts allow the alliance group to connect with influential decision-makers within the law enforcement profession. Media offerings contain informative articles from guest columnists, industry experts and members on policing in the 21st Century, covering a wide range of hard-hitting topics that cut to the core issues facing the law enforcement profession. The FBINAA social media platforms as well as weekly newsletter, quarterly magazines, and an on demand connect app allow for continued information sharing for the betterment of the members and those engaged in collaborative efforts with the Association.

YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAM The FBINAA hosts a summer training event for high school students at the FBI Academy called the Youth Leadership Program (YLP). This program mirrors, on a youth level, the National Academy Program. YLP is made possible through the cooperation of the FBI and sponsorships by Alliances and Chapters. Students must have demonstrated high academic standards and good citizenship to be nominated by the local Chapter for this prestigious program.

FBINAA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION The Foundation’s mission, now and into the future, is the care and support of members and their families who are in distress or in harm’s way, and the continued educational development of our members and their families, as well as the members of other FBI affiliated nonprofit law enforcement associations. The Foundation is a separate legal entity from the associates and is governed by a separate Board of Directors; however, the Foundation is connected to and supports the associates.

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