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Activation Form - E-Newsletter

1. Complete your Personal Information and check additional info you would like included in your artwork design


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2. Program Pricing**

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Start-Up Fee

$75.00 Monthly

Waived for Multi Service Discount

Core - up to 500 emails Core - up to 1,000 emails Elite - up to 500 emails Elite - up to 1,000 emails




Starter - up to 250 emails Core - up to 500 emails Core - up to 1,000 emails Elite - up to 500 emails Elite - up to 1,000 emails

$25/month $45/month $50/month $60/month $65/month

$250/year $450/year $500/year $600/year $650/year

$20/month $30/month $35/month $45/month $50/month

$200/year $300/year $350/year $450/year $500/year

Real Estate Board to pull Market Stats from:

Extra 1,000 emails (available to Core & Elite)

$15 per 1,000

$13 per 1,000

(Avaliable to Core & Elite)

* Annual fees are non-refundable **Prices do not include applicable taxes

3. Mailing Date

4. Template Artwork

Match my template to my MINI-MAG artwork Match my template to my website design Create something new

10th of the month

20th of the month

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6. Method Of Payment

5. Email List Set-Up

I authorize DMS Marketing to charge my Visa or Mastercard automatically for email campaign services on the payment schedule shown below. E-Newsletters and my payment schedule will continue until I notify DMS in writing of cancellation at least 30 days prior to payment date.

I am aware that email marketing is based on a consumer “opt-in” approach to comply with anti-spam legislation. I confirm I have received permission from the recipients on my list to market to them via email. Signature

Monthly (charged on the 1 st of each month)

Annually (charged on Dec. 1 for upcoming year)

Mastercard Visa

Card Number Expiry Date Cardholder Name Signature Date

Forward your list in Excel format (.xls or .csv) to consult@dmsmarketing.ca.

Please Include any fields you would like to use as demographics for future email campaigns. Update your list at anytime through the contacts tab when you sign into your email account.

phone 780 489 2969 toll free 1 800 309 1747 fax 780 486 1421 email consult@dmsmarketing.ca address 101-10620 178 St NW Edmonton, AB T5S 2E3 website www.dmsmarketing.ca

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