WCT3 4-Band Wireless KeyFob Remote Control System Test Set Kit

Wireless Control Tester

Ramsey Electronics Model


FEATURES pressure systems, wireless building access systems and even your entertainment remote control devices using 315MHz, 433MHz, 125KHz, 20KHz and Infrared signals. Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For Publication  Verifies presence of 315MHz, 433MHz, 125KHz, 20KHz and Infrared control signals remote control signals generated by remote control devices such as:  Automotive keyless entry key fobs, keyless ignition , tire pressure sensors  Building keyless access systems  Entertainment / media systems  Simple one button operation  Surface Mount Technology Components  Operates on standard 9V battery The WCT3 is designed to provide an easy to use diagnostic tool to aid in identifying problems with wireless remote control devices and systems. These include but are not limited to automotive keyless entry, starter and tire

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