Courtesy of Jamie Kinney

Volume 9 Number 6

Object Groupings

Sometimes you have a space in your house, like a console table or dresser top that just needs something to finish it off and tie it together with the rest of the room. This is where surface styling comes into play with groupings of objects. There is a relatively simple formula to follow for a surface grouping. You need something horizontal, something vertical and an object to add interest and bring dimension to the grouping. For instance, a dresser can have a lamp (vertical), a stack of books (horizontal) and an oversized seashell (object). Or the counter on your bathroom can have a vase (vertical), a stack of hand towels (horizontal) and a rubber duck (object). Groupings can be both functional and pleasing to the eye. Mix textures, colours and mediums to bring even more depth and interest to your groupings.

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