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in working with news, and so it was very helpful to learn how to approach news stories over the two weeks. I definitely made a few mistakes/errors but they were constructive in my improvement. I was thrown into the deep end a little and while I was a bit overwhelmed at first it was definitely better than being bored - I spent the two weeks speaking to everyone from university press offices to Nigerian government officials and fried chicken shop owners. I was largely in the office working but a few times I was asked to go out and complete a task, so it was important to be prepared to meet people face to face. I was allowed a very free reign on the stories I was asked to follow, and had to take my own initiative on who I should call for comment, and how I might help the piece come together, especially when the editor I was shadowing was out of the office (which was quite frequent). I was largely calling, emailing, and reaching out to people via the internet during the placement, and there was barely a dull moment because of it. I think this was definitely one of the positives of working on a daily newspaper - that there weren’t really any slow days. Picking up the phone and ringing people constantly definitely helped build up my confidence, and asking questions to the desk staff got me a lot of useful answers that will be useful to any future journalistic work I take on - so don't be afraid to ask people around you for help - even if you're worried the question might sound stupid. Editors there seemed to take my ideas seriously and cared about my opinion on what they were doing which made it a great working environment. My favourite part was probably an investigation I worked on over the whole placement, in which I had to call multiple different people and agencies for interview and then pull all that information together into a coherent document for publication in the Sunday newspaper. I was credited several times in print which was exciting and will be great as cuttings to show any future employers, making the placement very worthwhile in terms of future work. I was a bit worried about how much I should take my own initiative at the start but to anyone else doing a placement here I would say don't be at all afraid to mention something you might think will be of interest, or of a story idea you have. As I said, when the editor I was shadowing talked through my placement with me at the end that's what he said impressed him the most. Overall I would highly recommend a placement at the Telegraph to anyone wanting to get into journalism, it was incredibly valuable experience in how a news desk works, and what processes / procedures are behind it, as well as being a great opportunity to get my name featured in the national press! Without the careers service bursary covering transport & food costs I wouldn't have been able to complete either placement, so I am incredibly grateful for the experience and insight it has afforded me for my future career. Thank you!


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