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Letter from

The President

I was recently asked, “What makes your bank the greatest bank on earth?” Without a doubt or hesitation I responded, “Cross Keys Bank, now in its 111th year, has a history of success that is in large part due to the dedicated employees who have diligently served our customers over the years. There is a tradition of service with honor and integrity that we have maintained through thick and thin.” These virtues drive a sense of community that is vital to our continued success. They also serve as the cornerstone of the foundation for the success of our customers. Our customers are the best judges of the quality of our service. After all, if the customers of the bank were not satisfied, there would soon be no customers or reason for us to exist. We are a community bank, focused on the needs of our customers. As you peruse this latest edition of our newsletter, you will find many examples of why Cross Keys Bank is the greatest bank on earth. You will see our employees giving their personal time and talents as they bring selfless service to the communities in which they live. We have the greatest customers on earth being served by the greatest employees on earth utilizing the latest technologies

on earth working to assure our mutual success! So, whether or not you are a new, existing, young, or old customer, we hope this gives you a sense of our culture and the commitment of the people that are here to serve you. I urge you to take advantage of this and to let us be of service when you need your next loan or advice on the best deposit account for you, your family and your business. We live in trying times. Many new well-intended regulations are unfortunately creating tremendous inconveniences and driving up the cost of doing business for all of our citizens. Competition with the “too big to fail” banks, credit unions, and other government subsidized institutions is fierce. At Cross Keys, we stand ready to meet the challenge of that competition. From commercial banking, insurance, investments and mortgages, or the Geek Girl, you will find us ready and able to assist. With the aid of modern banking technology, we are able to extend our services virtually anywhere.

You will also notice that we have enhanced the layout of our Newsletter.We hope you enjoy it, and we believe that you will agree that Cross Keys Bank is truly the Greatest Bank on Earth!

Thank you for choosing Cross Keys Bank. Please refer us to your friends and family!


Michael Vizard, President Cross Keys Bank


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CKB Rated 5-Stars by Bauer Financial

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CKB Travel Club Presents a Hawaiian Adventure . . . . . Page 4

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Customer Spotlight: Doug’s Market of Tallulah . . . . . . Page 7

Cross Keys Bank is honored to be

Bayou DeSiard Dragon Boat Festival . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 8

recognized once again as a 5-star rated

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bank by BauerFinancial, Inc., the nation’s

leading bank rating and research firm.

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Bauer’s highest 5-star rating indicates

FDIC Consumer News -

Borrowing Money For Higher Education . . . . . . . . . . . Page 12

that Cross Keys Bank excels in areas of

Pat Huffman Says Goodbye After 25 Years . . . . . . . . . . Page 13

capital, asset quality, profitability and

much more. What’s more, Cross Keys

Revive 5k, Saint Joseph, LA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 15

Bank has earned the highest rating for

Our Employees: Giving Back . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 16

the most recent 83 consecutive quarters

Our Employees: Recognition and Promotions . . . . . Page 17

which qualifies it for the even more elite

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group of “Sustained Superiority Banks”.

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Only 7% of the nation’s banks can claim

this distinction with such consistency.


INVOICE #: 1087787 s PO #: 10872-1

CKB Travel Club presents…Hawaiian Adventure Three Islands featuring Oahu, Kauai and Maui Aloha Hawaii! Let the spirit of “Aloha” be your guide on this leisurely three-island tour of Hawaii featuring three-night stays each in Oahu, Kauai, and Maui. Enjoy your luxurious beach-front hotel onWaikiki Beach. “Remember Pearl Harbor” and visit the USS Arizona Memorial. Delve into the wonders of Polynesia at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Visit a historic plantation and the largest Hawaiian coffee estate in Kauai and the Dole Pineapple Plantation on Oahu. SeeWaimea Canyon, the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” Experience a traditional Polynesian luau. January 30 – February 8, 2014 | 10 Days • 13 Meals | Double $4,049*

For More Information Visit: To RSVP call Jim Cuthbert at 318.237.5833

Included in Price: Round Trip Air fromMonroe Regional, Air Taxes and Fees/Surcharges, Hotel Transfers. Not included in price: CancellationWaiver and Insurance of $165 per person

* All Rates are Per Person and are subject to change IMPORTANT CONDITIONS: Your price is subject to increase prior to the time you make full payment. Your price is not subject to increase after you make full payment, except for charges resulting from increases in government-imposed taxes or fees. Once deposited, you have 7 days to send us written consumer consent or withdraw consent and receive a full refund. ~4~

CKB Travel ClubVentures To Italy

By Jim Cuthbert

On April 18 the charter members of the Cross Keys Bank Travel Club departed the Monroe airport for a 10-day trip to Italy. The explorers came from all over our trade area and included Linda and Joe Garcie from Vicksburg/Tallulah; Barbara Gewin, Shirley Turner and Janis Richardson from West Monroe; Lonnie Walters from Rayville; Sandy Lee and Patty Vandeven from St. Joseph, Elaine Vandeven from Leopold, MO. (ok, Leopold is not in our trade area, but we’ll get to that later.), and Debbie and Jim Cuthbert fromMonroe. After a smooth series of flights, the travelers arrived in Rome and united with our Tour Manager, Denise, and the other valuable member of our team, bus driver Pietro. Our first stop was the Coliseum, where we had a private guided tour with plenty of time to browse thegrounds.Thenwevisited Trevi Fountain and deposited the customary coins in the water to ensure our return to Rome in the future. The coins were now Euros, of course, and we used a few extras to sample our first Gelato of the trip. This Italian ice cream must be tasted to be appreciated, and our group appreciated vast quantities of it over the next 9 days. Denise told us that the locals eat only the Gelato made in the Mom and Pop shops and not the commercially- produced brands, so when in Rome….. The next 7 days were filled with the beauty and culture of the Tuscany area of Italy, located in the North and East of the country. We enjoyed perfect weather that started each day with cool temperatures which brought out the windbreakers but soon gave way to short sleeves. Our tours included some medieval and some rural areas like Assisi, Sienna, San Gimignano, Lucca and

Pisa where we were amazed at the thousand-year old churches and other buildings. We also enjoyed the incredible scenery of valleys below the hilltops where the cities were built for protection. Many of the old city walls are still evident, and we caught glimpses of the old aqueducts. As expected, the leaning tower in Pisa is awesome to stand beside and imagine that any day might be the last one for this famous landmark. A change of pace from the country side occurred in the middle of the weekwith a guided tour of Florence, the home of so much incredible art and so many artists. Although we all agreed thatMichelangelo’sDavid was the most impressive sculpture, there were many others that capturedourattention. Fortunately, many of our group chose to return to Florence 2 days later for another guided tour, as well as plenty of free time to browse, shop and eat. As for eating, well it was also a highlight. Breakfast was provided each day as part of the trip, as well as 5dinnerswherewe sampled local food at popular restaurants. These

meals were satisfying and tasty, but we found that the sidewalk cafes we encountered every day for lunch offered a varied menu of home cooking, Italian style. One member of our group was seen eating lasagna for lunch 5 days in a row, in a different city each time. He pronounced each one different and delicious. And he said the same thing about the chocolate gelato he had every day for dessert. All too soon, it was time to return from Tuscany to Rome for our last day. But this bittersweet day included a tour of the Vatican with an emotional encounter with the Pieta sculpture and a breathtaking view of the Sistine Chapel. During our farewell dinner that evening while we enjoyed recounting our highlights of the trip, we also discovered that we had made new friends and enjoyed great times together. If the legend of Trevi Fountain holds true, the coins we left in the water will bring us back to Rome one day. Until then, we look forward to the next trip of the Travel Club: to Hawaii in January!

Janis Richardson, Shirley Turner, Barbara Gewin, Debbie Cuthbert, Patty Vandeven, Sandy Lee, Elaine Vandeven, Linda Garcie, LonnieWalters, Joe Garcie and Jim Cuthbert at Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence.

Leaning Tower of Pisa



Customer Spotlight: Doug’s Market AWG Recognizes Excellence in Merchandising Recipients )

March 24th, 2013 was a great day for Doug and Beverly Curtis. Their grocery store, Doug’s Market in Tallulah, received the impressive Associated Wholesale Grocers Brands Merchandising Award for 2012. Such high marks are only reserved for those retailers who have demonstrated innovative, creative, thought provoking ideas that ultimately created new opportunities and enhanced sales and profits within their store. Given the small community of Tallulah, one may wonder how Doug’s Market was able to compete with much larger stores in his co-op. “I was selected because of my store brand sales, they were twice the average as compared to much larger retailers” and “our use of the store brands to market to the lower income customer was effective because there’s not much money in Tallulah.”


It is not surprising to hear of the accolades heaped to Doug’s Market. Doug Curtis, a native of Sabine Parish, has been in the grocery business since 1967, when he opened his first store called, Curtis’s Save Mart, in St. Joseph, LA. Significantly, that’s the same year Doug became a customer of the bank. Doug has seen a lot of changes in banking during his 46 years as a customer. “We use internet banking which makes it easy to reconcile our accounts and allows us to use an accountant that lives in Tennessee. None of that would be possible without internet banking.” He says that Cross Keys Bank has advanced technologically, but still remains committed to serving the community where their customers work and live. “If it wasn’t for the bank I wouldn’t be here today – the bank has supported me throughout my career. I’m just a small-town independent businessman and I appreciate the culture of the bank. “Anytime I’ve ever needed something, all I have to do is pick up the phone.”

The recipients included:

AWG Brands Merchandising Doug’s Market in Tallulah, Louisiana owned by Doug & Beverly Curtis Grocery Merchandising El Rancho on Coit Road in Dallas, owned by Salah, Mario and Khaled Nafal Bakery Merchandising Cannata’s Park Avenue in Houma, LA owned by Vince Cannata Deli Merchandising Town & Country Discount Foods , Mountain Home, AR owned by the Jones and Randall Families Meat Merchandising Super Saver Cornhusker owned by Russ, Pat & Jane Raybould Seafood Merchandising Crest on May Avenue in Oklahoma City owned by Bruce Harroz Produce Merchandising Albertson’s Oakmont in Ft. Worth, TX owned by Albertson’s LLC Outstanding Marketing Campaign Price Less Foods in Elizabethtown, TN owned by Houchens Food Group Outstanding Merchandising Event Prenger’s Apple Market in Marceline, MO owned by Rick Prenger Pruett’s in Broken Bow Oklahoma, owned by RC & Ray Pruett Floral Merchandising Hays Food Town inWynne, AR owned by David King




Slaying The Dragon May 18th, 2013 marked the second annual Bayou Desiard Dragon Boat Festival. The Greatest Bank on Earth was there in full regalia as they made up one of the 29 dragon boat teams to compete for best race time and costumes. The event benefited the Downtown Monroe Renaissance, a nonprofit for the revitalization and growth of downtown Monroe. It was sponsored by Ouachita Independent Bank, The Radio People and Miller Lite. The History of Dragon Boats The Chinese Dragon Boat Race Festival is a symbol of Chinese culture and spirit. As one of the three largest Chinese festivals of the year, this ancient and time-honored celebration can now be witnessed worldwide. To be a part of a Dragon Boat Race as a participant or spectator is a thrilling experience. Courtesy of


Dear Geek Girl: Introducing Our NewTechnology Advice Column By Kristen S. VandeVen

check into the deposit slot on the special ATMmachines. Up to thirty checks can be insertedat one time,making this especially useful for businesses. This makes banking available on your schedule, adding to the conveniences CKB provides. Is it as secure as making my deposit at the actual bank? Yes it is very safe. In fact, if you choose the option, you can print a copy of the check you deposited directly on your receipt. How quickly will I have access to my funds? The ATM posts deposits on the same schedule as our branches. If your deposit is made before 4:00 PM, then you will have credit that same business day. If there is a line at the drive up, just head over to the ATM to make your deposit. There’s no need for a deposit slip! Dear Geek Girl, I bought my kid an iPod Touch for her birthday. 6 year old. How can I lock it down? -- Protective Parent Dear Protective Parent, In this day and age of being constantly connected, we sometimes forget that means that our children are also constantly connected. We all need to be very diligent in howmuch access we allow our children. These innocent appearing devices (iPod Touch, Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPad, Android Tablet) are fully functional computers that allow full access to the Internet, email and YouTube. You, as a parent, can be very proactive by adjusting some of the settings on a device before handing it over to your child. Apple gives you some great controls to lock down a device. Enabling Parental Restrictions allows you to block Safari (the built in Internet Browser), FaceTime, Installing Apps, In-App Purchases (has your child made a large purchase during a game without your knowledge), and content based onRatings. This is one of the most valuable areas for a parent. You can toggle different levels of access depending on the child’s age and maturity. This area requires an additional password, don’t use one your children can figure out. There are apps that will allow your child to safely browse the Internet from their

device. Mobicip ( makes a great safe browser that can be installed on almost any device. You can set the level of access depending on age and even have weekly activity reports sent to your email address. None of these tips and apps replace the need to educate our children on the proper use of technology and the dangers that exist. For more information please visit Dear Geek Girl, I am taking my family on vacation this summer.What steps should I takebefore we hit the road? --World Traveler DearWorld Traveler, First thing you should do is make sure the Bank has your most up to date contact information-mailing address, cell phone, and email. Also, you will want to let the Bank know your itinerary and dates of travel. The daily limit on your card is $1000.00 for point of sale and $300.00 for ATM withdrawal. If needed, these limits can be increased during travel-time, just let us know! Many businesses require that you enter in your zip code upon making a purchase. If the zip doesn’t match what the bank has on file, your transaction will be denied! Our fraud detection system uses complex computer programs to monitor your account. If the computer detects a transaction that seems suspicious, you may receive an automated phone call fromour Falcon Fraud System. The system will ask that you verify the transaction(s). Don’t hang up the phone! Listen to the automated message and verify the transaction(s). If the system cannot verify the transaction(s), your debit card may be temporarily blocked until the bank is able to contact you. Online banking and mobile banking allow you to monitor your accounts in real-time. Please send a secure message through your internet banking, or call 888-766- 3246, should you see anything out of the ordinary. Most of all, enjoy your trip knowing you have dotted all the i’s and ‘Cross Keys Bank’ed’ all the T’s! ~9~

In our technology-driven world, it is important to keep pace and embrace the inevitable changes. Even the most high- tech person can become overwhelmed by the rapid evolution of technology. A couple of issues back we introduced you to our own “geek girl” Kristen VandeVen. Kristen isnot onlya self-proclaimedgeek- girl, she’s also a loyal 13-year employee of Cross Keys Bank. Kristen is located at the main office in St. Joseph where she serves as the eBanking officer, mobile- banking expert and on-staff technology guru. We created this column to provide helpful and practical advice on how to use technology in your everyday life. Kristen will cover topics like: how to navigate your iPad, safely manage your finances online, tips for using your debit card on the internet and she’ll even simplify the perplexing process of how to select a laptop for your child. If you’ve got a troublesome tech question you want answered, please send a note to Dear Geek Girl, I am not a very tech-savvy person but am interested in depositing my check at the ATM, is it difficult? -- Tech-Savvy Wannabe Dear Tech-SavvyWannabe, No need to be intimidated by the technology of depositing your checks at the ATM. It is a simple process that takes less time than the drive-thru. This service is available for consumer and business accounts. We currently have 4 ATMs that accept deposits: Newellton, Tallulah, Rayville andWest Monroe. Youwill need a CKB debit card linked to the account into which you wish to make the deposit. To make an ATMcheck deposit, just insert the

Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage all of your financial accounts — checking, savings, credit cards, loans and investments — in one place? Well, now you can by using our new Personal Financial Manager (PFM) located within your secure Cross Keys Bank internet banking account. PFM empowers you to take control of your finances and simplify your life. Once you’ve opted in for this no-cost amenity, PFM lets you automatically categorize and track spending from all you to better control your finances. Newmoney management tool allows

of your accounts at not only Cross Keys Bank, but any institution. Accounts, Spending and Budgets are just a few of the tools to guide you along your way. Accounts give you the full picture! You will see all of your accounts, balances and transactions together in one place. Spending gives you powerful insights on where, when and how you spend. Bubble Budgets allow you to visualize and interact with your budgets in a more meaningful way.

Cross Keys Bank is the first bank in Northeast Louisiana to offer PFM. It’s easy, free and safely accessed through your internet banking, so there’s no need to worry about security. Sign up today at and you’ll have the ability to:

• Track expenses • Create budgets • Manage debt • Create relevant reports • And more!



Borrowing Money for Higher Education College or graduate degrees can provide career options and higher income, but they also can be expensive. If you need to borrow for school, carefully consider your options, keep the loan amount as low as possible, and have a clear repayment plan. Here are strategies to keep in mind. school or an admissions or financial aid officer at your college). A college budget calculator also can be helpful, and you can use one from the Department of Education by going to http:// go.usa. gov/YhFC and clicking on “Manage Your Spending.” FDIC Consumer News - A Special Guide for Young Adults

• Make your loan payments on time. “Student loans are typically reported to credit bureaus, so paying on time can help build a good credit history, and paying late can harm your credit history,” said Elizabeth Khalil, a Senior Policy Analyst in the FDIC’s Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection. To help you stay on schedule, consider having your payments automatically deducted from your bank account or arranging for e-mail or text- message reminders. Also, make sure your loan servicer — the company that collects your payments and administers your loan — has your current contact information so you don’t miss important correspondence, such as a change in a due date. • Consider making extra payments to pay down your loan faster. If you are able to, start by paying the student loans with the highest interest rates. If you have more than one student loan with a particular servicer, make it clear that youwant to apply any extra payments to reduce the balance of the higher-rate loans. • Look into refinancing opportunities. You may be able to obtain a lower interest rate and even consolidate multiple loans of the same type into one loan. However, be aware that if you consolidate or refinance a federal loan into a private loan, you may lose important benefits associated with the federal loan (such as loan forgiveness for entering public service). In some cases, even consolidating one type of federal loan into a different kind of federal loan can result in lost benefits. • Contact your loan servicer immediately if you’re having difficulty repaying. Repaying student loans can be challenging, especially during tough economic times. “Remember that if you have a federal student loan that you’re having trouble paying, you have options that could help. Private loan borrowers may be able to get some assistance as well,” noted Jonathan Miller, Deputy Director in the FDIC’s Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection. To learn more about student loans, start at www.

• Consider federal loans first if you need to borrow. Experts say that, in general, federal loans are better than private student loans, and that you should only consider private loans if you’ve reached your borrowing limit with federal loans. Why? The interest rates on federal loans are fixed, meaning they won’t change over time. But the interest rates on private loans, which are often significantly higher, could be either fixed or variable (they can fluctuate). Federal student loans also offer more flexible repayment plans and options to postpone your loan payments if you are having financial problems. WhenYou Are in School • Set up direct deposit for your student aid money. Although some schools or financial institutions may encourage you to select a certain debit and inconvenient ATM locations. Remember that you can always deposit federal loan proceeds anywhere you choose. • Keep track of the total amount you have borrowed and consider reducing it, if possible. For example, if your loan accrues interest while you are in school, you may be able to make interest payments while still in school, and this can reduce the amount owed later on. You could also repay some of the principal (the amount borrowed) before the repayment period officially begins. Paying Off Your Loan • Select your repayment plan. Federal loans offer a variety of repayment options and you can generally change to a different repayment plan at any time. For example, one type of loan starts off with lowpayment amounts that increase over time. Another is the “Pay as You Earn” program that the Department of Education will soon make available, in which your monthly payment amountwill be 10percent of your“discretionary” income(definedbytheDepartment’sregulations but generallywhat you have left over after paying key expenses). In addition, it may be possible to have any remaining balance forgiven after 20 years of payments. In contrast, private loans generally require fixed monthly payments over a period of time. With federal loans you also may qualify for special loan forgiveness benefits if you pursue certain careers in public service. Remember, though, that the longer you take to repay any loan, the more you pay in interest (although in some cases you may receive a tax benefit for the interest you pay).

Obtaining a Student Loan • First look into your eligibility for grants and scholarships. Many students qualify for some aid, so start by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the U.S. Department of Education’s Web site at www. You can learn more about the FAFSA and grant opportunities at that same site. • Know how much you need to borrow and that you can make the monthly payments. Your anticipated costs (tuition, textbooks, housing, food, transportation) minus your education savings, family contributions, income from work-study or a job, scholarships and/or grants will help determine howmuch you may need to borrow. Again, your goal should be to limit the amount you borrow, even if you are approved for a larger loan, because the more you borrow, the more money you will owe. Also consider the minimum you will owe each month to pay off your loans, including interest, after you graduate and how it compares to your projected earnings. To help you project your future salary in the lines of work you’re considering, look at the U.S. Department of Labor’s statistics on wages in more than 800 occupations ( Your monthly repayment amount also will generally depend on your interest rate and the term of your loan, which can vary from 10 years to more than 20 years. “Even though most student loans won’t require you to begin monthly payments until after you graduate — generally six to nine months later — a student loan card or prepaid card for receiving part of your student loan or other aid (the part left after your school has subtracted is a serious commitment,” saidMatt Homer, an FDIC Policy Analyst. He noted, for example, that many adults who borrowed more than they could afford to repay have faced serious debt problems for many years following their graduation. Unlike some other loans, federal and private student loans generally cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. Borrowers who fail to pay their student loans couldbe referred todebt collection agencies, experience a drop in their credit score (which will make credit more expensive and perhaps make it harder to find a job), and have a portion of their wages withheld. If you need help deciding how much to borrow, consider speaking with a specialist at your school (perhaps a school counselor at your high cnfall12/

Find current and past issues of FDIC Consumer News at or request paper copies by contacting the FDIC Public Information Center. Call toll-free 1-877-ASK- FDIC (1-877-275-3342), write to the FDIC Public Information Center, 3501 North Fairfax Drive, Room E-1002, Arlington, VA 22226, or e-mail


Pat Huffman of Tallulah Branch Says Goodbye

The CKB branch in Tallulah is now missing a familiar face. Proof Operator, Pat Huffman has retired after 25 years of service. Huffman who has been an invaluable assets to Cross Keys Bank will convert to the leisure life of retirement. Pat has been an invaluable asset to Cross Keys Bank for 25 years.. Huffman remembers many people she has met during her 25 years with the bank.. “I have made so many wonderful friends throughout the years with Cross Keys” said Huffman. “I just want to say thanks to everyone, all the customers, the staff at Cross Keys and everyone I have made friends with over the years. May God Bless each and every one of you that have been part of my life this past 25 years,” Huffman says with a smile. Michael Vizard, President and CEO of Cross Keys Bank says “We are going to miss Pat, her dedication and service to the bank are inspiring.” The bank held a retirement party for Pat on February 22nd. Pat’s family, co-workers and all of the friends Pat made throughout her years in the banking industry were invited. The reception ended with Pat being presented a watch from Michael Vizard, president and CEO of Cross Keys Bank.

When April showers bringmore thanMay owers.

No one can predict exactly what Mother Nature has in mind, but with proper planning and complete coverage from Cross Keys Insurance you can relax knowing that you’re covered. As a full service agency we represent many fine insurance carriers to bring you the products required to successfully manage both personal and business risks. #VTJOFTT t "VUP t )PNF t 'MPPE t -JGF t )FBMUI t #PBUT t 37s t 6NCSFMMB

In St. Joseph contact Dee Micheau, CISR PHONE: 318.766.3279 FAX: 318.766.3270 142 Plank Road P.O. Box 27 St. Joseph, LA 71366

In Monroe contact Chad Monsour, Vice President PHONE: 318.340.0027 FAX: 318.340.0206 Cross Keys Bank Building 1401 Hudson Lane, Suite 101 Monroe, LA 71201


InsuranceproductsarenotFDIC insuredandarenotadepositorobligationoforguaranteedbyCrossKeysBank. Certain lifeproductsmay involve investment risks.


Don’t let your dream home keep you awake at night.

Buying your dream home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make and the process can be overwhelming. At Cross Keys Mortgage we make it as simple and easy as possible. We offer a variety of Home Loan Products and have the expertise to help you obtain the loan that best suits your individual needs. The mortgage process doesn’t have to be a nightmare. FHA Loans • VA Loans • Conventional Loans • Rural Housing Loans Refinance • Lot Loans • Construction Loans • And more!

PHONE: 318.361.9050 FAX: 318.361.9558 Cross Keys Bank Building 1401 Hudson Lane, Suite 101 Monroe, LA 71201


Cross Keys Bank was proud to be a sponsor at the first annual Revive 5k held on May 25th, 2013, in the idyllic town of Saint Joseph. The race offered visitors and residents an opportunity to support the revitalization of Tensas Parish. Michael Vizard, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cross Keys Bank, said, “We are delighted to be a sponsor of the Revive 5k and will continue our support and participation. The revitalization of our rural area is important because it helps to maintain the unique culture and community interaction necessary for survival.” A portion of proceeds benefiting Tensas Revitalization Alliance AFTER PARTY FOLLOWS $25 Pre-regisration $30 Race Day Registr tion

The night before the race, a $10 pasta dinner will be held at Fish Tale Grill!

Photos courtesy of Faye Dandridge

Michael Vizard stops for a photo op by the Revive 5k sponsor sign.

Happy racers, Sue and James Hearne along with Ingrid and Timmy Taylor.


Tatine and Andy Janes smile as they stroll.

Becky Vizard celebrates her arrival at the finish line and is closely followed by Cynthia Sloan.


Our Employees: Giving Back We believe that community banking and community involvement are inherently related- so much so that it is nearly impossible for one to exist without the other. As community bankers, we realize the importance of giving back to our community and the positive impact we can have. Our banking culture echoes this commitment to our community, which promotes compassion, ethical behavior and social responsibility. Our employees are encouraged to give back to their communities by volunteering their time, donating to worthy causes or participating in leadership or mentor programs.

All eyes and ears in this third-grade class were fixed on Jim Cuthbert as he read aloud from Dr. Seuss’ “One fish two fish red fish blue fish” at J S Clark Magnet School. Cuthbert, who gave a spirited reading of the book, was just one of the many adult volunteers who participated in “Read Across America Day” on March 1. This nationwide event encourages children to develop a love and appreciation of reading at a young age.

Talisa Greer of our Tallulah Branch is shown volunteering at the 2013 Cinderella Project of Monroe. Cinderella Project makes dreams come true for low-income high school girls by providing dresses and accessories for their high school prom.

Hudson Lane Branch Manager Rochelle Lee accepts our Circle of Honor Award from UnitedWay PresidentWade Bishop. The Circle of Honor was established to applaud businesses that truly support the mission of UnitedWay. The Circle of Honor recognizes the quality of a company’s workplace campaign, employee support of and participation in UnitedWay activities.

Alissa Russell and Jeff Schexnaider

Jake Maxwell and Jeff Schexnaider

On May 15, 2013,Cross Keys Bank participated in the MDA Twin Cities Executive Lock-Up. The event raised money for children with muscular dystrophy, helping to find a cure for the 43 neuromuscular disorders MDA covers. The money raised will directly impact many families affected by any one of 40 neuromuscular diseases. Cross Keys Bank is proud to have been a part of such an important event.We would like to thank those who helped us raise money for MDA!


Our Employees: Recognition

Acts of recognition and praise are essential components in creating a healthy workculture.Wefeel thatouremployeesarethemostvaluableassetofourbank. We strive to challenge them and celebrate their success and achievements.

Mike Thompson, Asst. CFO & Sr. HR Officer, is presented a lapel pin by Ron Gitz, LCPA Executive Director, at the Bayou Deisard Country Club in Monroe on November 1, 2012. Mike is being recognized by the Louisiana Society of Certified Public Accountants for his 25 years of membership.

Jeremy Rodden, Lender and BranchManager of Cross Keys Bank in Tallulah, LA, successfully completed the 2012 Leadership School, “Growing our Next Generation of Leaders”, a nine-month program that included online course work and five instructor led sessions focused on developing leadership skills and enhancing knowledge in various areas of banking.

Our Employees: Promotions S A I N T J O S E P H , Louisiana – Cross Keys

President,SeniorAgriculturalLending Officer. Adam Richardson has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Senior Commercial Lending Officer. Megan Smith has been promoted to Vice President, Compliance Officer, BSA Officer, OFAC Officer and Bank Security Officer. Jake Maxwell has been promoted to Assistant Vice President, AdministrativeOfficer, and Internal Audit Coordinator. Claire Rosenzweig has been promoted to Assistant Vice President, Accounting. Alissa Russell has been promoted to

Assistant Vice President, Director of Sales & Marketing, CRA officer.

Michael R. Vizard, President and CEO ofCrossKeysBanksaid, Iamdelighted our Board of Directors recognized the hard work and dedication of these employees. They are very deserving of these promotions”. “They will serve as the foundation of The Greatest Bank on Earth, Cross Keys Bank”.

Bank’s Board of Directors approved the

promotions of seven staff members at their regularly scheduled meeting on January 8, 2013. Linda Bacle has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Senior Credit Analyst & Loan Review. Walter Hillman has been promoted to Senior Vice


investments may earn over the course of your retirement, you might think you could base assumptions on historical stock market averages, as you may have done when projecting how many years you needed to reach your retirement savings goal. But once you start taking income from your portfolio, you no longer have the luxury of time to recover from possible market losses, as retirees and near-retirees during this latest market downturn have experienced firsthand. For example, if a portfolio worth $250,000 incurred successive annual declines of 12% and 7%, over a two- yearperiod,itsvaluewouldbereduced to $204,600, and it would require a gain of nearly 23% the next year to restore its value to $250,000. When a retiree’s need for annual withdrawals is added to poor performance, the result can be amuch earlier depletion of assets than would have occurred if the portfolio returns had increased steadily. While it’s hopeful that your portfolio will not experience any losses and will even grow to generate more income than you expected, it’s safer to assume some setbacks will occur. Your financial professional can help you determine a withdrawal strategy that seeks to minimize the drain on your portfolio.

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life expectancy for your age and sex, particularly if you are healthy. The average life expectancy has risen steadily in the United States, reaching 78.2 years. Consideration 2: Inflation Inflation is the tendency for prices to increase over time. Keep in mind that inflation not only raises the future cost of goods and services, but also affects the value of assets set aside to meet those costs. To account for the impact of inflation, include an annual percentage increase in your retirement income plan. How much inflation should you plan for? Although the rate varies from year to year, U.S. consumer price inflation has averaged under 3.25% over the past 30 years. So, for long-term planning purposes, you may want to assume that inflation would average in the range of 3% to 4% a year. If, however, inflation flares up after you have retired, you may need to adjust your withdrawal rate to reflect the impact of higher inflation on both your expenses and investment returns. Also, once you retire you should assess your investment portfolio regularly to ensure that it continues to generate income that will at least keep pace with inflation. Consideration 3: Variability of Investment Returns When considering how much your

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Three Key Retirement Income Considerations There are two factors that can determine whether you’ll have a comfortable retirement: The amount of money you’ve saved and how quickly you spend that nest egg after you retire. The rate of annual withdrawals from personal savings and investments helps determine how long those assets will last and whether the assets may be able to generate a sustainable stream of income over the course of retirement. A number of factors will influence your choice of annual withdrawal rate. The following are three key considerations. As you think about what your withdrawal rate should be, begin by considering your age and health. Although you can’t predict for certain how long you will live, you can make an estimate. However, it may not be wise to base your estimate on average Consideration 1: Your Age and Health

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