Cross Keys Bank Summer 2013 Newsletter

Letter from

The President

I was recently asked, “What makes your bank the greatest bank on earth?” Without a doubt or hesitation I responded, “Cross Keys Bank, now in its 111th year, has a history of success that is in large part due to the dedicated employees who have diligently served our customers over the years. There is a tradition of service with honor and integrity that we have maintained through thick and thin.” These virtues drive a sense of community that is vital to our continued success. They also serve as the cornerstone of the foundation for the success of our customers. Our customers are the best judges of the quality of our service. After all, if the customers of the bank were not satisfied, there would soon be no customers or reason for us to exist. We are a community bank, focused on the needs of our customers. As you peruse this latest edition of our newsletter, you will find many examples of why Cross Keys Bank is the greatest bank on earth. You will see our employees giving their personal time and talents as they bring selfless service to the communities in which they live. We have the greatest customers on earth being served by the greatest employees on earth utilizing the latest technologies

on earth working to assure our mutual success! So, whether or not you are a new, existing, young, or old customer, we hope this gives you a sense of our culture and the commitment of the people that are here to serve you. I urge you to take advantage of this and to let us be of service when you need your next loan or advice on the best deposit account for you, your family and your business. We live in trying times. Many new well-intended regulations are unfortunately creating tremendous inconveniences and driving up the cost of doing business for all of our citizens. Competition with the “too big to fail” banks, credit unions, and other government subsidized institutions is fierce. At Cross Keys, we stand ready to meet the challenge of that competition. From commercial banking, insurance, investments and mortgages, or the Geek Girl, you will find us ready and able to assist. With the aid of modern banking technology, we are able to extend our services virtually anywhere.

You will also notice that we have enhanced the layout of our Newsletter.We hope you enjoy it, and we believe that you will agree that Cross Keys Bank is truly the Greatest Bank on Earth!

Thank you for choosing Cross Keys Bank. Please refer us to your friends and family!


Michael Vizard, President Cross Keys Bank


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