Arrester FAQs (30-5)

Arrester FAQs

6. Why is the system grounding type important to consider when selecting the MCOV rating? The type of grounding determines the amount of neutral shift during a fault on the power system. The resulting TOV on the arrester could cause damage unless the arrester is sized properly. Your Hubbell Power Systems sales representative can help with the selection of the proper size arrester for your application. 7. How do I use the pressure relief rating value in making my arrester selection? When a surge arrester fails, it will become shorted. It then will conduct the available short circuit current in the substation. To minimize the possibility of a catastrophic failure, you should select an arrester with a pressure relief rating that is greater than the available short-circuit current in your substation. 8. What routine maintenance and testing does Hubbell Power Systems recommend for station class surge arresters? Hubbell Power Systems arresters are designed to provide years of successful service without any recommended maintenance. Arresters do not require field testing; however, if testing must be performed we recommend that Hubbell Power Systems be contacted prior to beginning a testing.

9. I have a question that is not covered in this section. We’ll be happy to answer any of your arrester questions. Just contact your local Hubbell Power Systems sales representative or call our main customer service line at 573.682.5521.


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