2018 Spring Newsletter

Louisburg Sesqicentennial 2018 In recognition of Louisburgs sesquicentennial the museum has discovered on the Internet a website that has numerous articals gleaned from the Louisburg Hearld. We will print them as they appear.

All information which appears here is attributed to The Louisburg Herald.

The house owned by W. H. Brewer, about five miles south east of Louisburg, was destroyed by fire last Friday evening. The Crusaders met with their Sunday School teacher, Mrs. C. F. Johnson, last Saturday evening. Attendees were Dale Reed, Cyrus Aiken, Johnnie Hart, John McCarter, Winfred McElheny, and Patsy Sloan. Jamie Sloan and Wayne Starry were guests. Evelyn Boyle and Miriam Johnson assisted in entertaining. Lee Raines, Charles Der, Charles Kelly, Harold Woosley and Allen Dalry mple were not present, but there was a full attendance of every pupil in the class on Sunday morning.

100 years ago

From the February 13, 1913 Louisburg Herald

The City Meat Market has filled its ice house Friday and Saturday with 8 ½” ice. Fifty-five tons were stored away in the house in the rear of the meat shop. Mr. Weir says “This will supply our trade until sometime in July, after which we will ship from Paola another carload.” (Note: The ruins of this ice house are presumably those located on the bluff on the south side of Rabbit Creek, about 1/8th mile west of Metcalf.) The obituary of Phillip F. Latimer is published. Mr. Latimer was one of the early settlers in Louisburg, having arrived in 1864. Miss Loveday Whitaker hosted a U. T. Club meeting Fri day evening. The girls were told to come dressed as they pleased and they would have the privilege of doing as they pleased. There wasn’t much embroidery work done. Club members present were: Esther McDowell, Gertrude Moody, Anna Miller, Jessie Jones, Nellie Weir, Zelda Crosley, Florence McClintock, Ethel Wilson, LaVern Wilson, Frank Whitaker, and Anna Hazelton. The invited guests were the Misses Ella Marscham of Paola, Nelle Moore, Pearl Baker, and Bell Barker. Little Guy Wayman, nine year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Stan ley Wayman, was operated on last Friday for a mastoid abscess. The operation was performed by Dr. Hartzler of Kansas City and Dr. J. V. Ferrel of Louisburg at the Swedish Hospital at Kansas City, Missouri. Miss Edith Nesselrode spent the past week in Kansas City working in the millinery wholesale house. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Powell of Chicago, Illinois came Mon day to attend the funeral of her father, P. F. Latimer and returned home yesterday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Windisch announce the birth of a lit tle daughter, Friday, Jan. 31 St, which they have christened Elanore Anabel.

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