2018 Spring Newsletter

Odds and Ends from 1935 The following appeared in the Phil Thomas’ From the Past columns that appeared in the Feb. 18, 1988 Louisburg Herald, containing news items from 1935: May 16 Louisburg’s population is now 667. Little Harvey Joe McCarter, 15 months old, was saved by his whining dog when he fell off a porch into a barrel of water. When the mother heard the dog making a racket, she looked in time to pull the little fellow out and revive him. June 13 Carl Newland severed a toe while trimming a tree. The toe was sewn back onto the foot. The marriage of Hannah Brevick to George Lowlor is an nounced.

The Arnold Barnes family furnished the music at Osawato mie for the VFW program. The family members are Arnold, Stella, Fred, Helen, Arnold Jr. and Jim Dauwe.

R. S. Handley is to be the new high school principal.

July 11 A 9 ½ pound boy is born to Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gangel. He has been named John Thomas. August 1 The death of Clifford Kern is noted. He received the full 21 Pasteur treatments, but to no avail. (Note: Clifford Kern was the 11-year-old son of Oda and Edith Kern. He was bitten by a rabid dog. ¬

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