2018 Spring Newsletter

Mini Minutes cont.

VOLUNTEER and VISITOR REPORT October 2017through February 2018 Volunteers – 18 Hours – 2,012 Betty Bendorf, Ann Benton, Patsy Bortner, Jim Bous man Vera Dakin, Luanne Debrick, Ed Dennerline, Pat Erickson, Colleen Ewan, Nina Gerken, Mildred Ha ley, Iris Kluber, Larry Lybarger, Lloyd Peckman, Teresa Read, Ann Roark, Leanne Shields and Roger Shipman 3 Board Meetings – Average 12 at each meeting 4th Board meeting was Christmas party Visitors - 156 States Represented – 15 Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, California, Colorado, North Dakota,Massachusetts, Ohio, Indiana, South Carolina, Arizona, Minnesota, Wyoming, Missouri and Kansas VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Front Desk (1/2 or full day), Computer input, Arranging displays, Moving help, Grant writers, Interviewers, History researchers Newsletter Accessions Manager Call the Museum at 913-294-4940 Our e-mail address is: info@think miamicountyhistory.com

ARE YOU WORKING ON YOUR GENEALOGY? ARE YOU HUNTING FOR ANCESTORS? We have people here at the museum that will be glad to help you in your search. You can give us a call (913/294 4940), send us an e-mail (info@thinkmiamicountyhistory. com) or drop by and chat. We are open 10:a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. The Museum has reprints of past Newsletters for sale at #2.00 an issue. Patsy Bortner talked about the new Artists Corner here at the Museum. Local artists may display artwork they wish to sell. Heather Wilson of Louisburg Library gave a presenta tion on the celebration of Louisburg’s Sesquicentennial in 2018. The first event is Tales and Treasures, Jan 17 at the Library. Larry reported that he and Jim provided artifacts and dis plays at this event. They are taking orders for a 150 Year history book. LuAnne is working on next years budget and will present it at next meeting. Items stored in Hannes Poetters building for so long has finally been moved to the museum. Also three display cases were brought over. We have been working to make room for them. Hannes resignation as Director was ac cepted. Kirsten Graue has agreed to serve as Director for Middle Creek and her appointment was approved. Pat Erickson advised us she will no longer be able to vol unteer. Pat has volunteered for about 15 years. Bettie Ore is in rehab at North Point for a few weeks.

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