Zycortal Symposium Proceedings


Welcome to the European Zycortal Symposium Proceedings. Zycortal ® , launched in April 2016, is Europe’s first veterinary licensed injectable treatment for canine hypoadrenocorticism, or Addison’s disease. Addison’s disease is one of the more intriguing endocrine diseases, often affectionately called the ‘great pretender’ due to its vague and sometimes misleading presentation in its chronic form. This only serves to make it all the more satisfying to identify, diagnose and successfully treat. We are delighted to have attracted internationally renowned speakers to this event to present their experiences and findings, covering the clinical presentation, diagnostic work-up and treatment of canine Addison’s disease with Zycortal. The Proceedings are the result of many hours of thought and work by the authors and organisers. We hope you find the information interesting, relevant, and useful in practice.

Greg Williams Senior Business Manager (Endocrinology) Dechra Veterinary Products

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