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February 2015


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ECA national executive committee for 2015

The ECA(SA)’s national executive committee for 2015 is: Back: Giel Labuschagne (Highveld region delegate); Jimmy van Rooyen (KwaZulu- Natal region delegate); Cliffy Davis (Free State region delegate); Pieter du Toit (regional director Free State); Stephen Khola (national director labour relations and human resources); Tembe Mwemba (national finance manager); Shantonette Pillay (regional director, KwaZulu- Natal); Pierre Foot (regional direc- tor Western Cape); Cecil Lancaster (regional director Bosveld region) ; Edwin Joshua (South/East Cape region) Front: Lucas Bowles (regional director South/ East Cape) ; Johnny Cun- niff (first vice-president); Michael Straton (president); Mark Mfikoe (national director); and Thursdon Duncan (second vice-president).

Crack down on‘pirates’ continues

industry will continue and expand to other provinces – and a national crackdown is on the cards. Anyone with any information about pirate contractors should call Elaine at the NBCEISA on (011) 339 2312.

THE crack team employed to rid the industry of pirate contractors is notching up success after success – many of these due to information from legitimate contractors. “We are well on our way to cleaning up and taking back our indus- try, thanks largely to this team,” says Mark Mfikoe, national operations director of the Electrical Contractors’ Associa- tion of South Africa. The team from the National Bargain- ing Council for the Electrical Industry began operating in Gauteng last October and, says Mfikoe, has “delivered on expectations”. “Since October 2014, the team has registered 51 pirate contractors employing 325 workers – in Gauteng alone! Another 50 pirate contractors with 374 employees on their books have been identified and we are in the process of getting them to register with the NBCEISA,” adds Mfikoe. “This success is due to the publicity that this team has re- ceived, particularly in Sparks Electrical News , and the many legitimate tip-offs that the team has investigated. The team has given the informants feedback and we believe that it is important that stakeholders are kept up to date on the progress made by the team.” “Informants have led us to pirate contractors – who are employing unregistered workers – as far as Welkom, Lady- smith, Harrismith and Bethlehem. It has been a rewarding ride and the expansion plan is well under way,” says Mfikoe. He explains that the advantages of registering with the NBCEI is that a part of the requirements include registering with the Department of Labour as a contractor, employing registered licenced electricians, and registering employees with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and the Workman’s Compensation Commission. “The real story behind this is a humanitarian one,” says Mfikoe. “The workforce employed by these pirates has moved from a position where they had zero benefits to where they now have funeral and disability cover, sick benefit cover and retirement benefits. This means that the people who are responsible for the actual work being done are now adequately protected and their families will be financially secure should any peril occur.” Mfikoe says the NBCEISA team’s promise to clean up the

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