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A ring of coins Jane had laid out six coins, all R1 pieces, in two touching rows, like this.

"All you have to do," she said to Peter, "is to move the coins so that they form a perfect circle of six coins. "But", she added, "you have tomove one coin at a time and it must move to a position where it is exactly touching two of the other coins – so you can't fiddle the position of the coins." Peter managed to solve the puzzle. Howmany moves did it require?

MishackMatla , sales, marketing and distribution director.

Martin Lewis , tendering manager.

George Canha , projects manager.

Karen Senekal, commercial projects manager.

January solution

Two coins Martin was wrong. The rolling coinmakes two complete turns. It has already made one complete turn when it is half way round, and makes another turn in the second half of the roll.



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