March Risk Advisor 2018

M I C A P H Y S I C I A N Risk Advisor A Q U A R T E R L Y C M E P U B L I C A T I O N F R O M M I C A | 3 . 2 0 1 8

A Look at Opioid-Related Closed Claims and Lawsuits PAGE 3 Case History: Death from Acute Oxycodone Intoxication Results in Large Settlement PAGE 13 Counsel's Corner: An Impaired Patient in the Office PAGE 9 Did You Know? Concerns Regarding Medical Professional Liability When Treating Minors PAGE 12 Focus On: Pain Management PAGE 5 MI Community User Guide PAGE 18 Risk Reduction Strategies: Managing Your RiskWhen Prescribing Opioid Therapy PAGE 16 Too Hot To Handle: Opioid Therapy for Management of Chronic Pain: Documentation Tells the Story PAGE 6


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