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Inspire from Within teaches athletes to become leaders

Before-school program encourages mental grit By Ally Price

When training for a sport, any athlete knows how impor- tant it is to train yourself phys- ically, but what many athletes neglect is the mental strength required to succeed. Through a program called Inspire from Within, several North students are learning mental skills to help them succeed as athletes and leaders. “Inspire from Within in- volves strengthening our men- tal focus,” said Kylie Beecher, Appleton North junior and participant in the program. “We’ve talked about confi- dence and victorious moments in our sporting careers, and It was a week of cultural awareness here at Appleton North, and for one particular student, Saul Roselaar, Global Week was an opportunity to share the numerous lessons he learned while traveling through Israel this summer. Roselaar, now a senior at North, was selected to be a fel- low for BYFI, the Bronfman Youth Fellowship in Israel, an organization focused around a five week seminar in Israel con- necting 26 North American ju- niors each year. Roselaar spent his summer studying Jewish texts, politics, and social issues. “BYFI is a pluralistic fel- lowship, the goal of the fel- lowship is simply to connect diverse Jewish youth,” said Roselaar. “There was no intent to convince the fellows of any particular view, in fact, many of the educators fundamen- tally disagreed with each other. While some fellows returned more sure in their faith, others returned highly cynical of even the idea of God.” He also had numerous opportunities to meet Appleton North students prepare presentations By Sophie Plzak

Inspire from Within leader Lucas Jadin and student Ari Holzem help mentor students with special needs at an Inspire Event. Photo by Asher Edwards

why we play the sports we do.” The program, which is simi- lar to what League of Lead- ers was in the past, is lead by

Lucas Jadin, a teacher at Ka- leidoscope and cross country and girls basketball coach at Appleton North, and Mat-

thew Hechel, an Appleton North teacher and football, powerlifting, and track coach. Through its focus on sports

psychology, brain science, and student leadership, Inspire

North students raise money to help females in need through Days for Girls organization By Fatima Ali See Price , page 2

Global Week provides students with opportunities to learn about culture

When joining Gender Equality Club, senior Sophie Plzak never imagined that she would become part of an- other organization, one that would help girls, not just in America, but also around the world, especially in under- privileged countries. After researching many charities and talking to the workers at the Harbor House, Plzak started generating many ideas. “One day, I watched this video of how homeless wom- en in inner cities have to make their own tampons be- cause the drug store brands are too expensive for them, and there aren’t many ways to obtain free tampons and pads,” Plzak said. After looking through the Days for Girls website, Plzak found a multitude of resourc- es, in order to organize an Appleton North High School chapter of Days for Girls. “So many girls through- out the world have to miss school, since they physically don’t have any materials that can help them deal with the blood. In this organization,

Saul Roselaar, left, meets with Ali Abu-Awwad, Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger, and Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld through the Bron- fman Youth Fellowship in Israel. Photo by Isaiah Milbauer

we help create products that are reusable and easy for these women to carry around in a backpack so we can help restore a woman’s dignity and keep them from feel- ing shame brought on by the stigma.” After Plzak presented this idea at a Gender Equality Club meeting, many mem- bers started exploring the Days for Girls website, so they could get started on cre- ating a DFG (Days for Girls) kit to send to these countries. The website gives a descrip- Sophie Plzak, Raven Wilson, and Yasmeen Ashour are con- tributors to the Days for Girls program at Appleton North. Photo by Brennan Arnold

with important Jewish and non- Jewish leaders, including gov- ernment officials, authors, and social activists. His favorite quote of the sum- mer was from Rabbi Schlesing- er, who said, “a lie is a part of the truth masquerading as the whole truth.” “Bold claims are made about every group” said Roselaar. “And usually these claims are true a vast minority of the time, it is important to see the larger picture.” He also explained oth- er ideas he elaborated on during the presentation, including the political climate of Israel, the perceived relationship between religion and morality, enlight- enment philosophies impact on

religion, and what could be con- sidered highly heretical views on religion. Roselaar’s presenta- tion, though specific to his own experience, reached many areas of culture relevant to students here at North. Roselaar’s presentation wasn’t the only one to bring global awareness to North High School. Exchange student Ai- nie Tabua presented about her home country the Philippines. There were also presentations on the orchestra trip by Nina Landowski, Lexi Asare, and Kate Peregrine, Machu Picchu by Collin Squier and Senora P. Meyer, and performances by

See Plzak , page 2

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