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Street Bob ®

Think that Street Bob ® motorcycle looks pretty hot as-is? You’re right. But now it’s time to dig deep and create your own Hard Candy Custom ™ masterpiece. Perhaps you’ll start with Big Red Flake paint, a White Diamond Solo Spring Saddle and Fat Ape Handlebar Kit. See how just those changes instantly transform the bike into something remarkable? But don’t stop now. Finish the job with Skull & Chain trim, white hand grips and more. With help from your H-D ® dealer or H-D1 ™ Factory Customization, your options are almost limitless. The Transformat ion

D y n a ®


White Nostalgic Hand Grips and Tribal Mirrors

Diamond-Stitched Solo Spring Saddle

Nostalgic Hand Grips

16" Fat Ape Handlebar

Screamin’ Eagle ® Stage I Air Cleaner

Headlamp Visor

Production Color: Big Red Flake

Solo SPring Saddle

Hard Candy Custom ™ Metal Flake Finish

Black Leather Single-Sided Swingarm Bag

Turn Signal Relocation

Screamin’ Eagle ® Mufflers

Chrome Swingarm

Chrome Fork Sliders

Reduced Reach ® Forward Control Kit

Chrome Engine Kit

Skull & CHain Engine Trim

Reduced Reach ® Forward Controls

for 360º view

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Handlebar height is regulated in many states. Check state or local laws before installation.

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