Coptic Inner Connection Newsletter - Spring 2017

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By Linda Bender

I n the article for the December Inner Connection, some of the changes expected at the Winter Solstice 2016 were identified. As a quick reminder, two of the longer-term changes included: Pathways to obtain information about your mission or other personal questions will be open all year. The fog that shrouded those answers is now gone and the answers are available but you must ask. High and low astrological cycles will operate differently (high cycle occurs when

not mean that the extended respiratory system was completely clean; however, so we have had a cold or a sinus issue to allow the body’s natural systems to dispose of this unnecessary waste material. There are some things we can do to help these processes: Posture: When there is good posture, the back is straight and the shoulders are back in the right location, the rib cage gives the lungs all the room they need. In particular, we need to try to let the upper lobe of the lung get all the air it wants and it is last on

the Moon is in your Sun sign; low cycle occurs when the Moon is in the sign opposite your Sun sign). We need to figure out how those feel and impact us and our activities, bearing in mind that changes could be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual or all of those. There was, of course, an unexpected change. Thanks to many excellent contributions from others for our understanding, we have been aware for a long time about the change into the New Age from Piscean energy, which is water-based, to Aquarian energy, which is air- based. The surprise was that our bodies and our planet actually made those changes at the time of the Winter Solstice 2016. Healing, vitality and effective health have changed from water-based to air-based which means that breathing becomes increasingly important for our well-being. That does not necessarily mean that we should stop sufficient and effective hydration but it definitely does mean that we need to supply plenty of clean air to our bodies. The entire respiratory system needs our conscious support and care for us to effectively operate in an air- based world. The extended respiratory system is based, of course, on the lungs, bronchi and trachea (tubes to guide air into the lungs), the voice apparatus, the sinuses and the nasal passages. The “extended” part of that includes the Eustachian tubes that run from the inner ear to the back of the throat. When the tubes are open and functioning correctly, small bits of air function in the inner ear to allow us to hear and process sound– which makes sound a function of air. You may have noticed that since the holidays an inordinate number of people seem to have had colds and sinus issues that recurred or were hard to fully heal. That is all part of the body’s process to clean out the extended respiratory system. An air system in particular works better when the applicable ducts and tubes are clean. And over the years, we have picked up all kinds of waste from polluted air, pollen during the growing seasons and anything else we have breathed that is not necessary to our health. A good bit of that was removed whenever we exhaled or had a good sneeze. That does

the “refill” list (that actually makes sense since the heart and circulatory system use the lower lobes of the lung to supply oxygen to the blood stream and remove molecular waste). There may be particular physical issues or there may be years of less-than-exemplary posture that we have used (say as we play “couch potato” or sit for hours at a computer), but do the best you can to be straight and tall. Every little bit we do consciously helps the lungs get more of the air they need. Breathing: If you feel weary and need a quick pick-me -up, straighten up, breathe in through the nose (that warms the air and makes it easier for the lungs to do their work) and breathe out through the mouth. Some will suggest allowing a hiss when you exhale–if that helps you remember to exhale with the mouth open, by all means use that technique; however, if it bothers you to make that sound, remember that you have free will choice. Do breathe out through the mouth so you do not carry spent air and natural waste into the nasal passages. Clearly, there’s a good reason that so many meditation techniques incorporate breathing! Air cleaners: If your home has a forced air heating/air conditioning system, be sure that your air filters are cleaned regularly. If your car has an internal air system with filters, they too should be cleaned regularly. If you are at work and/or sit in a cubicle-based environment, get a small desk fan–keeping the air in motion will help the heavier molecules of dust and dirt to drop toward the floor. In the same way, using the fan in your car will move air through the car and carry old, stagnant air out of your way. Smell: You may find that you get prompts on something you should eat by suddenly smelling that food. There’s nothing quite like being in the middle of the grocery store and suddenly smelling spaghetti, then having to run all up and down the aisles to gather the fixings! Flowers: I find that a few fresh flowers will give their fragrance to an area and that is a lovely touch. Our

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