CleverTouch vs Smart

Information Sheet Should you be Clever or Smart?

When your school considers where to allocate it’s time and resources regarding Audio Visual solutions, there are a number of options available, and whilst the prices can vary, so does the quality, utility & value to your school. You want to make future proof investments in technology, as well as get equipment that enhances your staff and students experience. To help with this crucial decision, Connect-Up have looked at 2 solutions currently available, the CleverTouch 55” Plus , and the 55” Smart 40-65 screen. Below is a matrix which shows the features available on each model so you can make an Informed Choice when comparing costs and other features.

CleverTouch Plus

SMART 40-65

10 Point Touch

Integrated Android

Capacitive Touchscreen

Dedicated App Store

Presentation can be made from USB Stick

Freeze Frame Function

Wireless Web Browsing from Screen via Android

Annotation Software compatible with existing SMART & Promethean lesson plans

Tablet integration software

Additional educational activity software, inc custom lesson maker

5 Year onsite de-install/re-install warranty as standard

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