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Thursday, June 6, 2019

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Their Nominator said: RSK have had two apprentices. Charlie, who recently completed his Advanced Apprenticeship in Plumbing and Heating. He has remained with RSK as a qualified plumber and heating engineer, and in addition they have recently taken on Marcus, who has just started his Level 3 Gas standard. Robbie Sadler, one of the company owners, completed his plumbing apprenticeship through WBTC. He is able to support their apprentices thanks to his own knowledge and experience of being an apprentice. Although they are a small company, RSK are committed to ensuring their apprentices get a full range of experiences in the workplace. RSK Plumbing and Heating is a exemplary employer who fully support apprenticeships. With their support, their apprentices have found success and developed employment and life skills. Great example of how Charlie is now a mentor for the new apprentice.

Their Nominator said: EJBC have four apprentices representing over a quarter of their workforce. Since they started working with WBTC they have always achieved the WBTC Certificate of Excellence, demonstrating their passion for quality training. A couple of the Accounting Apprentices have struggled with passing some of the exams. EJBC have allowed them extra time out of the business to attend further classes to get the support they needed to pass. The manager has also given up her own time to help the learners revise. A few of the learners have not had time to complete their portfolio work and EJBC have allowed them additional time at work to get the tasks completed. EJBC are a very supportive company who want to see their Apprentices achieve and will give any help that is needed to make sure they do. They also actively encourage Apprentices to move on to the next level so that they can reach their full potential.

Claire Richards (WBTC), Rob King (RSK Plumbing and Heating) and Tamsin Slatter (Vectorworks)

Claire Richards (WBTC), Emma Thomas (EJBC) with Elliot Jarett and Kerry Brown (Boomerang Creative)

Tamsin Slatter, Vectorworks UK Director of Customer Success. Vectorworks was delighted to sponsor this award and celebrate the achievements of RSK Plumbing and Heating. Having completed apprenticeships himself, the director knows from both sides that recruiting an apprentice is a commitment and a responsibility, and has clearly risen to the challenge, providing excellent support and opportunity. Tamsin Slatter, UK Director of Customer Success at Vectorworks, was proud to witness the graduation ceremony and even qualify as finalists in the Small Employer of the Year category. We look forward to the graduation of Vectorworks’ own apprentices next year.

Elliot Jarret, Boomerang Creative. For the second year running we are delighted to have an affiliation with the WBTC Rising Stars Awards. Last year we were lucky enough to have our own apprentice win the prestigious Apprentice of the Year accolade, and having seen first-hand the added benefits and confidence it bestowed, we decided to sponsor a category ourselves for 2019! We were honoured to present the Small Employer of the Year award to EJBC chartered accountants, who are truly recognised as best in class amongst their peers. Congratulations to all at EJBC and see you next year no doubt!





Their Nominator said: I have worked for many years with employers in the local area, I have been impressed by the commitment, effort and attitude of the team at the Kennet Academy Trust towards the apprentices and their training since the beginning. They will do whatever it takes, above and beyond to ensure that the apprentices have the support, training and tools to be successful. I enjoy working with the Kennet Academy, they are responsive to any WBTC needs or suggestions as well as being proactive in their approach. Its great to have such a positive employer where you know the apprentice who joins them will have such opportunities and support to become successful.

Their Nominator said: Priors Court School are seeing the benefits of apprenticeships and putting increasing commitment into hiring new apprentices as well as up-skilling current staff. I’ve nominated Priors Court School because the apprentice has been very happy in his role and enjoyed his apprenticeship due to the support he has been given by his employer. Priors Court have a young IT apprentice who is naturally a very quiet person. His naturally quiet nature meant some people struggled to hear him on the phone. Priors Court School worked with WBTC to put the apprentice on to extra courses to help him communicate more confidently on the phone and face to face. As a result the apprentice, his manager and employer are very happy.

Claire Richards (WBTC), Sam Keaney (Priors Court School) and Emma Thomas (EJBC)

Claire Richards (WBTC), Tammy Dowling (Kennet School) and Clare Wilson (NWN)

Emma Thomas, EJBC. We have been involved with WTBC for five years now and were delighted to sponsor the Micro Employer of the year award this year. Our congratulations go to the winners, Priors Court School. Apprenticeships are an excellent way of getting young people into the work place and employers play an important role in providing the framework and support to help each apprentice reach their full potential. The WTBC awards are a great way to celebrate the hard work of both the apprentice and the employer.

Andy Murrill, Newbury Weekly News Editor. Many congratulations to Kennet School Academies Trust for winning this award. The Newbury Weekly News knows first-hand what excellent work the school does and it’s fantastic to see that it gives its staff the same superb opportunities as it does its pupils. We are lucky to have so many large employers investing in local talent and that’s why we are delighted to sponsor this award once again. Also, many congratulations to West Berkshire Training Consortium for the sterling work it does and for organising the Rising Stars Awards.

Details of all winners can be found here: http://wbtc-uk.com/2019-rising-stars-winners

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