Trafika Europe 2 - Polish Nocturne

everyone knows it. Then what comes next only confirms it.

Anyhow, she didn’t want any white gloves, because why should he spend more money on gloves. No, she didn’t want gloves. It was it was going to be an expensive enough business as it was. The dress alone, you say it’ll be the most beautiful one, the most expensive one. Then how much will the shoes cost? Plus, she’d never seen anyone get married in gloves. She used to go to nearly every wedding at her church. Every wedding kind of changed her life for a moment. She’d gone since she was a girl. Even when it was total strangers getting married, she’d still go. When old people got married there was never much of a crowd, but she would be there. So what if they were old? It was still a wedding. And when they promised they’d never leave each other she would feel her heart pounding in her chest, tears welling in her eyes. But she’d never seen a bride in gloves. I mean, they had to put rings on their fingers, and what, was she supposed to take off a glove at that moment? All of a sudden she realized he’d forgotten about the rings. He had to buy rings. He didn’t have to because he already had them. He’d thought ahead. He took them out and unwrapped them, told her to try one on. How did he know it would be the right size for her finger? If it didn’t fit this finger it would go on that one. Try it on. If it’s too big, later on we’ll give it to a jeweler and have it made smaller. If it’s too small, she can put it on her pinkie finger for now. Later on we’ll give it to a jeweler and have it enlarged. He’d


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