Trafika Europe 2 - Polish Nocturne

one of the best welders, in fact the very best. And it would have followed him to other sites. He would never have gotten his life back. They covered the window just like he said. What it looked like inside, we only knew from what one of the watchmen said. The other watchmen had sent him from the watch house to ask for another bottle, because they’d finished what they’d been given. But the moment he crossed the threshold they stuck the bottle in his hand and pushed him back out the door. So he didn’t get to see if the table was covered with a white cloth, whether candles were lit, whether there was a crucifix. All he saw was that they were all drunk, especially her. He didn’t see if the Priest was there. Maybe he left right after the wedding. Though it would have been strange if he hadn’t gotten drunk too. Besides, what could a watchman like that actually see when he was drunk himself, and every drunk thinks that it’s other people who are drunk, not him. The watchmen had supposedly been given a crate of vodka, and they’d drunk the whole lot when they sent him out for another bottle. You can imagine how far gone he was. The watchmen were like that. They had uniforms and rifles, but things were always getting pinched from the site. One time someone even stole a tractor. And they didn’t see a thing. So how could you believe him? But he said what he said, and other people repeated his words after him.


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