Trafika Europe 2 - Polish Nocturne

Subway Jazz

On the subway platform, a little girl was entertaining her younger brother in a stroller. She was trotting in a dance- like manner, made figures and turns. The boy watched amused and licked a red lollipop. Their mother dressed in tight jeans and with huge headphones over her ears, leaned against the stroller, swinging her body. The train arrived. The woman grabbed her daughter’s hand and just as she pushed the stroller inside the car, the lollipop fell out of the toddler’s hand onto the tracks. Instantly the boy started screaming. The mother did not respond. She sat her daughter next to her. The boy cried more and more. Dozing off passengers were opening their tired eyes. The mother, with listening, slightly absent eyes, raised her warning finger to the child to calm down, to no avail.

“Digital generation,” remarked a lady to another lady, with disapproval.

“Today people do not fight for anything. Especially manners,” reacted an elderly lady in a Sherlock Holmes hat. “Kids are treated like adults, and from adults you expect less than from children.”


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