Trafika Europe 2 - Polish Nocturne


Scientists from all over the world came to attend lectures of great weight and importance. The subject of the conference was new ways of perceiving matter. The scientists listened to the first few lectures in a state of concentration. With the passage of lectures in time, the attention of the scientists became diluted. Two scientists slumped in their chairs. For some, the gravitation acted subtly upon their eyelids. A few slept with one eye closed, one irrefutably slept with two eyes closed. An associate professor daydreamed. A full professor observed the trajectory of a speck of dust in the air. Most sat firmly grounded in their convictions, so they did not listen. Then a woman professor walked onto the podium. She stood with a rigidly vertical posture. The proportions of her convexities and her concavities were in perfect equilibrium. The two physicists slumped in their chairs, one an expert in quantum mechanics, the other an expert in string theory, equally distanced from the point of place of the new object, raised their corpuses to verticality.

The triangular neckline of the professor’s blouse ended at the level of her solar plexus.


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