Trafika Europe 2 - Polish Nocturne

Prayer on the Runway

I take snowflakes magnified by grace. I put them in the jars. Stellar dendrites, crystal partitions, specks of sparks. They swirl in myriad wakes. White anarchy of feathers. Species of sacred flurries. Miniature albatrosses in disguise. The snow glistens, it is my flashlight. I cut through crowds of foreign solitudes. I glide through space and slopes. Meandering white brides. The frills and flounces of woods. A flock of Dominican monks on skis. Dervishes unveiling. Snow clasps its hands in prayer. Splashing litanies of lifts and turns. The ceremonies of kristianias . Plowing the fields of snow. Pollinating snow-lilies into powder.

White ptarmigans flutter their chants of feathers. Lift off. In what image.


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