DCI1C DTMF Controller Interface Kit


Ramsey Electronics Model No.


Have you ever wished you could call home and turn on the lights late at night before you pull in the driveway? Finally, an easy way to remotely control just about anything with the touch of a button! The DCI1C offers full control of four independent relay contacts for quick and easy custom applications!  Remote control almost anything from any DTMF device!  Call in from the road to turn on your lights… and more!  User configurable security code for your protection  Easy administrative security code bypass for free running DTMF control makes custom applications even easier!  User feedback tones confirm remote operation success!  Full microprocessor control for simple, but comprehensive features.  FLASH memory holds security code data for years!  Decodes all sixteen DTMF codes, built-in RJ-11 jack! R msey Custom r Use Only Not For Publication

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