UAM4SYSWT 42 Watt Audio Amplifier System


Ramsey Electronics Model No. UAM4SYSWT

The UAM4SYS is a state of the art audio amplifier that utilizes a class D power amplifier. Professional balanced input is provided along with an unbalanced line output that can be configured as a buffered input feed thru or as the “processed”, (tone, balance, level) signal to feed remote locations. All controls use DC or digital levels, eliminating control noise. Headphone level is provided by a 64 step digital control with memory. Automatic over temperature protection and power stage mute is provided. All this in a rugged compact aluminum case. FEATURES • 42 watt class D amplifier (21W per channel stereo mode) • 0.1% + N distortion • Balanced or unbalanced inputs • All DC or digital controls for noise free operation • Selectable direct or processed (bass, treble, balance, level, loudness) line outputs • Pre-mute headphone output • 64 step digital headphone level adjustment with level memory • Operates on 12 to 18VDC @ 3.3A max power input (up 87% efficient) • Quick connect spring terminal output terminals accept 28AWG to 14AWG wire • Selectable 22, 25, 29.5 or 36dB gain • Rugged shielded aluminum case • Compact profile (5.6in x 6.6in x 1.6in) weighs in at 1.24 lbs (excluding power supply) Ramsey Customer Use Only N t For Publication


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