Dirteeze Brochure

TRADE RANGE The wet wipes range has at its core the base material “Spunlace”, a soft strong and mainly biodegradable material designed to release the pre-moistened lotions when required, at the same time as lifting liquid and grime to finish off the clean. Compare this to the vast majority of industrial wet wipes available in the marketplace today, derived from “Polypropylene”, that exhibit the tendency for lotions to sit on the surface of the wipe, rendering them less effective, and simply pushing around liquids or grime, resulting in frustration by the user, and taking longer to complete the wiping task.

FOR DISTRIBUTORS • A best in category quality range of both wet and dry products • Eye-catching retail packaging • Competitive pricing • Technical support

• Re-seller package comprising of merchandisers, point-of-sale displays,brochures, sales and marketing support



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