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The process of personal transformation How you worked on yourself

Getting an insight in your limiting patterns and how they affect the way you lead and your relationships at home and at work. Helping you to experience and observe the limiting pattern: what you feel, how you breathe, and your physical tension patterns. Feedback on how your limiting pattern impacts others. Identifying the historical background in which your limiting pattern(s) developed – understanding why it was the best response at the time. Connecting with the emotions associated with the historical event(s). Experience them, breathe and let them go. This is the part of the process, which most stretches your comfort zone. If appropriate to create an antidote: An experience in which you bypass the limiting pattern; beginning to create an alternative internal script or new map. MAKING YOUR INSIGHTS AND AWARENESS WORK IN REAL LIFE Initially you will need to commit to being mindful about what goes on inside you and to being self- aware. When events trigger your limiting patterns, then take yourself through these steps: Register and observe when a limiting pattern is setting in. Calibrate your state. Let yourself connect with the fear underneath the pattern, what are you afraid off? Ask yourself what situation in the past is connected to this fear. When and where was this fear real? Let yourself feel the fear. Dip your tow into it. Breathe and let go. You will very likely feel a little shaky and vulnerable. Decide to go with a different response. After completing this loop a few times the pattern will become less strong and you will be able to respond in alternative ways quicker and with more ease. Engaging in this process can be unsettling because you are experiencing yourself and others in new ways and because you are stretching your emotional comfort zone. In time however you will grow more at ease with your ‘personal transformation’.

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