PTFL materials

The History of Humanity

Sapiens Yuval Noah Harari Vintage Books An extremely lucid , stimulating and insightful book about the history of humanity. Harari combines the fields of psychology, economy , history and religion in very clear and accessible language.

*Not a difficult read

Men-Women Issues:

Iron John Robert Bly (Addison Wesley) Explores aspects of being a man following the myth of Iron John. *Some people find it a difficult read

Manhood Steve Biddulph (Hawthorne Press)

Written in simple language. Biddolph writes about the rift between fathers and sons, about friendship, relationships between men and women and aspects of being a man in today's world. *Easy read

Life, Love, Marriage:

The Road Less Travelled M. Scott Peck (Touchstone) Helps to understand love, love relationships and spirituality. Good book to read with your partner.

*Fairly easy read

How love works Steve and Sharen Biddulph (Thorsons)

Full of stories about real families in situations you will recognize. Its message is that all healthy couples have clashes and that sexual and communication problems are the sparks that can ignite new honesty and closeness. *Easy read.

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