Medical VR info

around a bit. Unsure of what this meant, Josh asked the mother, who said, “He wants to give you a hug.”

The Guided Meditation VR team is now working to improve the experiences to be as accessible as possible for those with limited mobility. As VR and apps like this become mainstream, we likely will uncover additional groups of people who can feel profoundly better through experiencing something as simple as a virtual Zen garden.

Bringing light to mental darkness

The market for improving mental health through the use of VR has been well established based on decades of scientific research. However, this market is still in some ways in its infancy as the technology to date has not been advanced enough to allow massive patient access across the world. Still, the majority of companies working in this space are focusing on developing clinical tools used by professional therapists to help them treat patients in person. Will the technology become good enough to enable safe, effective treatment in the absence of a professional therapist or clinician?Will we see increased diagnosis and treatment of patients, resulting in societal health and economic benefits? In a few years’ time there should be a lot more data available from clinical studies to properly evaluate these new treatment modalities in different psychiatric conditions. Until then, we are bound to see an explosion of apps making all sorts of different claims — some supported by data and some yet to be validated.

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