Maribel Camacho


of life, which began with journaling, purging of my thoughts and painful emotions in 1999. Becoming a single mom was one incessant fearful thought. Because of the and ashamed of what I was going through, I lacked I didn’t have the confidence that I could write, let alone start a book project. A poem that seemed flowingly written was The Empty House. I bought a house a few days before Christmas Day, going from homeless to homeowner. A few years later, in 2008, I wrote said poem. And the experience of homeownership happened in less than 3 months. I was living at a Women’s Living Transitional Center – a center for women that dealt with issues of alcohol and drug addiction. Having lost my apartment and not knowing where to go, I took myself and the kids to the shelter for a few months, then later the aforementioned women’s program. Poetry was truly therapeutic. I took an emotional event in my life and scripted it into verses of rhyme with titles, such as: Rerun and Argument ( his poem is ot in the book). Sometimes, I wrote almost flowingly and at other times I had writer’s block, pushing me back to the form of journaling. About a decade later I fell in love with the haiku. What didn’t occur to me was that I didn’t have any schooling on the art of poetry (I disliked literature in high school). Creativity sometimes just kicked in! Poetry gradually took me partially out of my comfort zone. I say partially because I still have anxiety in sharing my deep thoughts. Since I was raised in abusive dynamics of unending negative messages of which were; ‘do not feel, do not be seen, do not speak, and do not be heard’; I continuously wore half a mask. Hence, this mask that could not be removed completely, as I yearned to, became my mission —a work still in progress and for the years to come. I attended

personal development groups as in 12 Step for codependency, Toastmaster and other meet- ups of different kinds, shared and recited more poems about growth and other topics. Some of them were inspired from said group as well as from other events and people. These experiences are changing my life for the better. I use the power of words because I have chosen to believe, I do have a way with words and a desire to live a better life. I want instead of limiting myself to the belief I cannot write poetry. What I will end and leave here is that you, as well, do have the power of creativity. It is inherently in you. Start somewhere and start now.


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