Energy Update Summer 2018

Message From the President


I hope this note finds you well and enjoying your summer plans. This winter was challenging to say the least. Extreme cold for approxi- mately three weeks and several wind and snow events that interrupt- ed power after two mild winters set us all up for some challenges. I want to thank all of our staff that rose to the occasion working long hours trying to assist you. Our customer and I want to thank you for having patience and confidence in us during the stressful time! WE CAN DO BETTER TO BE READY FOR NEXT WINTER SEASON! We’re adding more staff, improving our delivery software, looking closely at driveway accessibility conditions and tank sizing for you. If you receive a letter or contacted via email or phone, please be open to helping us help you. All of these factors speed us up or allow us more flexibility in ensuring that you have plenty of fuel for your needs. Other ways that you can help next winter is consider the following: Sign up for our level pay program - this program will allow us to come with delivery of fuel when we believe you may need it and it breaks the whole year of fuel into 12 equal payments, so you need

Blair Clark | President

not worry and try to manage when you need to order or if it’s not a good time to financially. You may be familiar with Appalachian Power’s monthly level pay, but ours is better because we track it and make adjustments. If you’re building to much of a credit or conversely, your payment is not proportionate to your consumption. Please communicate with us if you add any appliances to your system or change how you are currently using your appliances. These change how we calculate your consumption and when we schedule your delivery. For example, if you are having work done on your house and it is more exposed in terms of less insulations / more cold leaks and your furnace is working harder to keep your home warm, we need to know. The best way to communicate with us for non-emergency delivery or service is day or night. We will confirm that we got your message. Take advantage of our summer tune up program. We can service your appliances right before you need them. You will definitely save money and frustration when the first cold snap hits. It’s a win win! We make it on your schedule, you save money on the service and 20% on any repair items. If there is a need to replace any equipment, we have some equipment in our showrooms that could potentially save you $$$ and we’re ready to handle more calls in the fall and winter. Believe me when I say, it’s disturbing that we can’t handle all the service calls at once when it gets cold and our customers need us. I am excited about four of our On The Run Stores converting to Circle K Brand this summer! You will see new specials and product offerings immediately! Larger fountain drink machines offering cubed and crushed ice. Circle K branded snacks and drinks which mean cost savings for you. Please seek them out! Our Stuart location partner has replaced the automatic car wash with a bigger and better Wash World brand! Come check it out! Thanks very much for your business and confidence you place in us! Enjoy your summer!


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