Jurisdictional Notice to Adopt or Transition - Alaska

EDI Standards: Jurisdictional Notice to Adopt or Transition This form is to be completed and submitted by a jurisdictional member pursuing adoption or transition of an IAIABC EDI Standard. The form is not intended to be a formal commitment. The information provided will be used for internal planning purposes to ensure the availability of resources to support the jurisdiction’s implementation plan. The form should be completed using the most current information available. Subsequently, the jurisdiction is asked to advise when a deviation or change to their implementation plan occurs.

Today’s Date: 5/9/2019 Jurisdiction: Alaska Standard: Claims




May 2021

EDI Contact: Alexis Newman EDI Contact Phone: (907) 465-6059 EDI Contact Email: alexis.newman@alaska.gov Project Manager: Alexis Newman Project Manager Phone: (907) 465-6059 Project Manager Email: alexis.newman@alaska.gov Vendor (if applicable) : ISO Vendor Contact: Robbie Tanner Vendor Phone: (201) 294-0830 Vendor Email: robbie.tanner@verisk.com

Project Contacts

May 2021

Target Implementation (Quarter-Year): Availability of Draft Trading Partner Tables:

Plan to publish draft tables no later than May 2020


List any Project Dependencies: (e.g.: rulemaking, funding, IT resources, scheduling, etc.)

Transition from release 3.0 to 3.1.

Additional Information and Implementation Notes:

Implementation Details

Internal Use Only:

Implementation Team Contact: Date Trading Partner Tables Approved: Date State Guide Approved: Date Test Plan Reviewed: Testing Partner(s):

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